Billionaire God of War Chapter 1871

Chapter 1871

“Aren’t you making a decision a little too quickly?”

Just after Ethan finished his sentence, some men walked in royal robes and it was obvious that these men were of high standing.

The man right in front had a faint but warm smile as he made his way in as if this place belonged to him. Two groups of men were fully armed as they came in with him and their presence was even more shocking.

“Mr Flagler, I believe I asked you to wait outside.” Caleb was rather displeased.

He didn’t expect Flagler to just come in like this. That was being disrespectful to Ethan!

“Mr Caleb, don’t be angry. I just felt that you might not pass on my message in full, so I thought I should come in myself,” Flagler’s little moustache twitched slightly as he turned to glance at Caleb. There was a clear tinge of disdain in his eyes.

He walked over to Ethan and glanced at Lana.

“It’s always better to have an additional friend than an additional enemy in this world, don’t you think so?” His voice was calm, but the threat in his words was apparent.

Flagler smiled as he looked at Ethan and said very meaningfully, “The royal family has always called the shots in Tokyo. Even though the Masamune Syndicate exists, it’s only because the royal family needs them to exist.”

“You are not from Tokyo and you aren’t Japanese, so it’s not appropriate for you to interfere in this matter,” Flagler went straight to the point.

“This lady here belongs to us, and I hope you can understand. So…”

“So I want to leave and you’re going to block me?” said Ethan calmly.

He stared back at Flagler. Flagler’s tone of voice alone made Ethan very annoyed.

This man even threatened him?

This Flagler probably didn’t know what the consequences were.

It was clear that Flagler didn’t expect Ethan to say something so bold. He froze for a second, then burst out laughing.

“So it looks like you insist on opposing us?” He pointed at the shrine. “Aren’t you afraid that someone might set this place on fire? And all of you will die inside?”

Immediately after he finished his sentence, he went flying out. He crashed heavily onto the floor and his teeth hit the stone flooring, causing it to crack instantly.

“AHH!” he howled loudly and clutched his mouth. He stared straight at Ethan with a threatening face. “You…”

All the armed men behind him pulled out their katanas and murder filled the air.

But Ethan’s expression didn’t even change.

“Close the door,” said Ethan calmly.

Caleb quickly ran out to close the main gate and snorted coldly at Flagler and his men.

Since these guys walked into their own graves, then they couldn’t blame him!

Burn the shrine down?

It didn’t matter to Caleb. He didn’t live here anyway.

“What are you trying to do?” Flagler paled as he saw figures walk out from the shadows. The murderous aura emanating from them surged like the sea!

“Break their limbs and throw them out,” Ethan gave orders without bothering about that Flagler said. The wolves immediately pounced on the armed men like a pack of tigers and leopards.

In no time, the place was filled with blood curdling screams.

Their katanas fell to the floor and clanged loudly.

“You…you…!” roared Flagler. “You’re dead meat!”

Ethan went up and slapped him again as he narrowed his eyes. “I don’t care about the matter between the royal family and the Masamune Syndicate.”

“But didn’t you notice that even though I’m taking her away, the old men behind the Masamune Syndicate didn’t dare to even respond?”

Flagler’s eyes trembled.

He knew about this, but he didn’t know why the Masamune Syndicate hadn’t responded even though Jaken had released Lana after Ethan forced him to.

Those old men had always been very domineering, so why didn’t they do anything this time?

“They’ve lived for a long enough time, but they’re still afraid to die.” Ethan reached out and patted Flagler’s face. “After all, dying at my hands and dying at someone else’s hands is a different sort of terror altogether.”


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