Billionaire God of War Chapter 1872

Chapter 1872

Ethan then moved aside and an expressionless Brother Geoff appeared before Flagler.

His huge fist slammed right into Flagler’s face and didn’t give him a chance to speak at all.

Flagler collapsed onto the floor.

Brother Geoff spat on him. How dare this fellow threaten Ethan?

Did he have no regard for them at all?

“Let’s go,” Ethan turned to look at the utterly shocked Lana. “Come with me to Greencliff.”

He took Diane’s hand and walked out.

Brother Geoff looked at Caleb.

“I’ll arrange for transport!”

Caleb quickly ran out and got some cars for everyone. Ethan and his group got into one car, while Brother Geoff and the wolves followed in more cars behind.

Just after Ethan and the rest left, someone made a phone call in the distance.

“They’re going to leave!”

News traveled quickly.

Within the Masamune Syndicate headquarters.

Jaken was kneeling inside the hall with his head bowed and a respectful look on his face.

“It’s him,” he went straight to the point. “Five of the elders died at his hands, so I think…it’s best that we don’t try to take revenge for them.”

The three elders seated above him had nasty expressions on their faces, but there was also a tinge of helplessness on their faces.

Only three out of eight were left behind, because Ethan had killed the other five!

The Masamune Syndicate had been on the decline for so many years, just because they had made the mistake of killing someone on Ethan’s team and Ethan nearly wiped them out…

“We’re not going to take revenge?” One of the old men frowned and his eyelid twitched, but he sighed and looked down helplessly again after that. “We won’t take revenge then.”

Take revenge?

Take revenge by losing their lives?

They weren’t young anymore, but they weren’t tired of living yet. The images of what happened back then made their legs tremble.

“No, we won’t take revenge.” The other two old men shook their heads and reached the same decision.

If it was someone else, then they would definitely seek revenge no matter what it took. But if it was that man, then trying to seek revenge was like throwing an egg at a rock, and it would only result in their deaths.

“The royal family has sent someone after him and they are still fighting for the copy of the manual…” continued Jaken. “I’m afraid there will be a bloody storm in Tokyo. What should we do?”

Nobody expected Ethan to turn up.

The Masamune Syndicate originally wanted to fight for the copy of the manual and paid a high price to reach an agreement with the Salo family, but they ended up being used by the royal family instead.

The Prince had made use of the Masamune Syndicate to negotiate things with the Salos.

“We will not interfere,” decided the three old men after exchanging glances. “As long as that man is involved, we will not interfere and we will not provoke him.”

“Got it.”

Jaken breathed a sigh of relief.

He thought that the three old men might force him to give up his position as Chief, but from their sighs, Jaken knew that they also felt that Ethan…was really not one to be trifled with.

If Ethan returned to the Third World, he would definitely stir up a very bloody storm.

If that happened, the Masamune Syndicate’s plans to rise through the ranks might have to be placed on hold for another decade, or even a few more decades…

It was better to just stay alive first.

It was no longer a matter of who did better in life but a matter of who lived longer.

Jaken went out and his head was already covered in perspiration. He stood outside the hall and took a deep breath as he looked at the blue skies above him. Why did they seem a little grayish?

There was a bolt out of the blue and the crash of thunder made Jaken shudder.

How could there be thunder when the skies looked like that?

Before he could even say anything, he could see that the sky was gradually darkening and the winds were gathering. The air became very oppressive all of a sudden and looked like a wild storm was about to hit.

He had just mentioned that a storm was coming, but he didn’t expect it to come so quickly!


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