Billionaire God of War Chapter 1874

Chapter 1874

“AHH!” Jenson couldn’t help but cry out in pain. His knee had been crushed by Ethan’s punch!

Before he could react, Ethan landed another punch on Jenson’s chest, causing him to fly backwards and crash into the thick tempered glass of the airport terminal.

A series of cracks that resembled a spiderweb appeared from behind him.

The rest of the men with him paled and all of them immediately tense up.

“Still want to fight?” Ethan looked around and the murderous aura within him intensified. It looked like a great sea of blood had risen behind him, and the stench of the blood made it difficult for the men to even breathe.

They stood where they were as if they had been frozen. The terror in their eyes only increased and they couldn’t move at all.

“Let’s go.”

Ethan stopped looking at them and just walked right past them.

Lance and Lana hesitated for a moment but didn’t say anything. They quickly followed behind Ethan and nobody tried to stop them.

The men seemed to have been completely frozen by the terrifying murderous air that Ethan unleashed just now.

After everyone had walked into the airport, the cars that were driving in from afar had arrived as well.

“Hurry up! Stop them!” shouted someone in the cars.

A few dozen men rushed out of the cars but the main door was shut when they reached it.

Brother Geoff rubbed his nose. “We’ve been waiting for you guys for a long time.”

There was a sudden clap of thunder!

He didn’t move, but suddenly another ten odd men appeared from behind Brother Geoff and stood in a row as they stared straight at the men who had just run over from the cars.

“These few are mine,” Brother Geoff started allocating the men as he pointed to them.

“I’m taking these few then,” said Number Five. The gleam in his eyes was rather frightening.

“I’m not greedy, I just want these six, don’t fight with me for them.”

“What the hell? You want six? And you say you’re not greedy?”

“Then I don’t care anymore, I’m taking these five. If I don’t break ten legs today, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“Shit, then we won’t have enough for everyone. Bah, forget it.”

The fury on the men grew stronger as they listened to the way the wolves were splitting them up like this.

They were the best soldiers of the royal family and were highly respected high level fighters, but they had been disdained by these people!

“Kill them!” shouted the leader of the men.

All of them immediately charged at the wolves aggressively and domineeringly.

The wolves’ eyes turned icy and stopped talking among themselves. They knew that there was no point in trying to split these men up evenly, because nobody wanted to give in to another.

“Attack!” Brother Geoff yelled fiercely. It sounded even more explosive than the clap of thunder earlier!

More than a dozen wolves charged and a battle immediately blew up!

Howls and screams soon filled the air.

Even though the glass of the airport terminal was very thick, Lance could still hear those cries of pain. He tried to stop himself from turning to look, but he couldn’t hold himself back and turned. He gulped when he saw the cruel images in front of him.

“They…they…” he gulped. “Aren’t they afraid?”

Ethan sat down without moving an inch. The other passengers had been moved into other lounges to wait, so the main waiting area of the airport was completely empty and it looked like they had booked the entire place.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” replied Ethan. “This is only normal in a war. If anyone’s afraid, it’s those fellows from the royal family.”

He didn’t bother to even look. This was only a small matter.

The royal family still couldn’t hold their ambitions back and didn’t want to let Lance and Lana go. But they had never thought about who they had offended now.

They had to ask Ethan if he was ok with leaving Lance and Lana behind.

But they didn’t ask.


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