Billionaire God of War Chapter 1875

Chapter 1875

Ethan remained seated as he held Diane’s hand and didn’t care about what was happening outside.

He looked like he didn’t care about anything.

None of this was worth caring about.

Lance and Lana were already pale from fright. They never thought that the wolves would be this formidable or this terrifying.

Even Caleb found himself breathing more quickly now.

It wasn’t the first time he was witnessing a fight like this, and he knew what the wolves were capable of. But he was still so shocked and impressed by them.

They were really powerful!

“The skies are clearing up, so the flights should resume soon.” Ethan saw the skies brighten up through the French windows of the terminal.

He held Diane’s hand tightly and smiled faintly. “We’re going to reach home soon. I wonder what Mum’s going to cook for us.”

“I’m sure she’s going to cook all your favorites,” said Diane with a laugh.

They started having a very casual conversation and were even getting excited about what they were eating before coming here.

Lance looked at Ethan, then looked at Diane and took a deep breath. What was this couple made from?

There was a massacre happening just outside their doors and these two were just chatting merrily about food.

“Lance…” Lana’s voice was also trembling as she could hardly suppress the horror in her heart.

She suddenly felt a terrible fear inside. Ethan chose not to kill her even though she had broken her promise purely because he was in a good mood.

Otherwise, she was sure she would have been hacked to pieces by now.

Lance looked back at her and was also fearful inside. He had underestimated exactly how terrifying Ethan was. The wolves were already terrifying enough, so Ethan was definitely even more terrifying than them!

“Big Boss.” Brother Geoff walked in and stood in front of Ethan. He still looked murderous.

“Ok, we’ll go back first. You guys can stay here and have fun.”

“Yes, Big Boss!”

Brother Geoff nodded and didn’t say anything else. He disappeared with the rest of the wolves.

They were going to stay! They would stay until the royal family realized their mistake.

Caleb gulped and his face turned red with excitement. Since the wolves were staying, a huge wave was going to sweep through Tokyo!

“Attention all passengers bound for Greencliff. The flight bound for Greencliff has resumed…” a pleasant voice came over the PA system.

“Are you guys leaving already?” Caleb looked at Ethan and Diane. “There are so many places I haven’t brought you to and the food there is really amazing.”

He laughed and shrugged. “But then again, it won’t be as tasty as the food at home.”

No good food outside could compare to the food at home.

Ethan got up and he was still holding Diane’s hand. He had never let go of it.

“We’re going back now.”

“Have a safe journey,” Caleb nodded. “I’ll update you on what happens here.”

Ethan didn’t say anything and left with Diane. Lance and Lana quickly followed after them.

“It’s going to start!” Caleb rubbed his palms excitedly.

If he didn’t turn Tokyo upside down, then he would waste Ethan’s efforts in letting the wolves stay behind.

He didn’t care about all those dirty deeds the royal family had done all these years, but he would not forgive them for provoking Ethan.

If he didn’t make them regret it, Caleb would regret it!

He turned and left, and it seemed like a bloody rain was about to fall…

But Ethan didn’t care about all these things.

He brought Diane and the two siblings back to Greencliff.

Once they got off the plane, Tom Foster arrived with a large group of people to wait at the airport. The sight of all these people frightened the two siblings speechless.

Why were there so many people?

They just kept getting more and more shocked as they walked into Greencliff.

People were cheering and waving just by seeing Ethan’s car, and they didn’t hide the respect they had for him in their words.

Ethan seemed to be the god of Greencliff!


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