Billionaire God of War Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876

“Tom, you arrange things for these two,” Ethan continued what he had to do. “Talk to Professor Babbage and see how we can develop our own integrated circuit in the shortest possible amount of time. This woman knows what to do.”

“Sure.” Tom Foster nodded and turned to look at the siblings. “Welcome to Greencliff. If you need anything, just let me know.”

He handed a name card with his contact number to Lance.

“You can look for him, no matter what it is,” said Ethan.

He then got into another car with Diane and went straight home.

Lance hesitated for a while before he finally asked, “Is Ethan a very special person to this city?”

He could sense it, but he wanted to know for sure.

Tom Foster smiled mysteriously at Lance and his eyes curved. “What do you think?”

Lance replied, “I saw that many people respect him and admire him, and they look like they idolize him.”

This was simply magical.

How did Ethan manage to achieve this?

This city was not small, but it seemed like everyone knew who he was.

“Everything that you see is true,” said Tom Foster.

Tom Foster’s own eyes were filled with adoration and the siblings could see it clearly.

They had seen Ethan’s might, and now they had seen Ethan’s charisma.

“I feel like we’ve made the right decision,” remarked Lance after taking a deep breath.

They had broken their promise and Ethan gave them a chance. But if they try anything funny again, even if Ethan didn’t do anything to them, there would be no way for them to leave this city alive.

Nobody in this city would allow anyone to lie to the one they believed in the most!

Lana didn’t say anything. Her heart was beating very quickly and she felt like it was going to leap out from her mouth soon.

Even the most devout followers in the west weren’t as devoted as the people here towards Ethan.

Exactly what sort of person was he? How did he have so much charm over the people? She was really amazed.

“Lana, we have to do what we’ve promised,” Lance reminded her.

It wasn’t only because they wanted to survive, but because they felt that they really ought to.

Ethan was worth their respect, and worth their efforts to fulfil their promise to him.

“I know.” Lana nodded and didn’t say anymore.

Tom Foster looked at the two of them and knew that they had been convinced.

Nobody could hold up against Ethan’s charisma after they knew him better. Nobody.

Ethan was good at delegating work to others, so once he left the siblings with Tom Foster, he happily brought Diane back to the Palmer bungalow.

The feeling of going home was always the best.

“I still have matters to attend to in the office…” said Diane softly.

“Go home and eat, then have a good rest after that,” said Ethan.

“What about work?”

“You can work tomorrow.”

Ethan didn’t want Diane to be overworked.

They had just returned from Tokyo and she wanted to go to the office already? No way.

Diane obediently nodded and didn’t argue. She would just listen to Ethan.

At the same time.

A bloody rain was pouring on Tokyo.

As night fell, the streets emptied out and the rain was dripping from the roofs.

Pitter patter…

A figure suddenly flashed by, and there was blood on his body.

More and more figures appeared from behind and they moved very quickly. In no time, they had caught up with the first man and surrounded him.

“I’m from the royal family and you dare to kill me?!” shouted the man angrily. He was trembling all over and was feeling both furious and terrified at the same time.

He never thought that anyone would dare to assassinate him in Tokyo.

Even the Masamune Syndicate wouldn’t dare to.”

“Kinhonda. He looks just like the photo,” said one of the other men in a low voice. “We got him. Remember, today’s your death anniversary!”


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