Billionaire God of War Chapter 1879

Chapter 1879

The Prince really had no choice.

If he didn’t resolve this issue, then not only would his place in the royal family suffer, but he might also even lose his life in the process.

The emperor wouldn’t let him off, the Masamune Syndicate was itching to get him, then there were also Ethan’s men…

They could wring his neck off anytime!

“You make it sound like I’ve pushed you into a corner,” said Caleb with a laugh. “Did I do that?”

“No.” The Prince took a deep breath. He hated how gleeful Caleb looked but he had to endure it. “I shouldn’t have offended Mr Caleb, and I hope that you can give me a chance.”

He bowed slightly and was definitely much humbler than he was before.

But even so, Caleb didn’t care about him. He threw the rod back into the water and just remained silent with a cheeky smile on his face.

The Prince was furious, but he could only stand there and wait without daring to disrupt Caleb.

After a long time.

“Oh my my! It’s taken the bait!”

Caleb pulled up his fishing rod with both hands and the rod curved sharply. He flung his wooden clogs aside and pulled the rod backwards as he shouted excitedly, “I’ve got a big one! It must be that fellow!”

He was so happy that he had gotten a big fish this time.

The Prince felt like kicking Caleb into the water when he saw how excited Caleb was.

After a good fight with the fish, Caleb finally managed to pull it out of the water and threw it into the bucket. Someone quickly came and took the bucket away.

“We’ll have an extra dish tonight! Broil it!”

He clapped merrily and turned to look at the Prince. “Oh, you’re still here!”

The Prince put on a fake smile. He had been standing right beside Caleb for so long, didn’t he notice?

Caleb was purposely ignoring him!

“I’m still waiting for Mr Caleb to give me your guidance,” said the Prince as he bowed slightly.

“Actually, it’s really simple.” Caleb yawned. “That fellow is someone who prefers to convince others with reason and doesn’t actually like to fight and kill.”

The Prince felt his eyelid twitch violently.

So many important people in the palace had died so terribly!

And now Caleb was saying that Ethan didn’t like to fight and kill?

“The royal family wants to get the manual that the Salo family has, right? I can tell you now that you guys aren’t qualified to own it,” Caleb shook his head.

The royal family wouldn’t even be able to deal with Krishan, never mind Ethan. Krishan was even more vicious than Ethan, and his poison tactics were good enough to wipe out the entire palace at one shot!

“Give it up,” said Caleb. “Also, you must tell me who within the Salo family has betrayed the Salos and worked with you.”


The Prince’s face paled. He refused to betray his friend.

If he revealed his identity, then the Prince would never be trusted again.

“Impossible?” Caleb narrowed his eyes and flung the fishing rod back in. “Then there’s nothing left to discuss here.”

“Your Highness, I want to continue fishing. You’d better go back and spend more time with your family.”


The Prince shuddered.

Caleb’s words were too direct!

“You mean…the next target is me?” he couldn’t help but ask.

Caleb didn’t say anything. He just looked at his fishing rod and ignored anything the Prince said.

He had said everything he should, and anymore was pointless.

He had nothing to do with the Prince anyway.

“I’ll tell you.” The Prince finally gave in after a long period of silence. “I’ll tell you his name.”

“It’s better for others to die than for yourself to die, right?” grinned Caleb merrily. “Your Highness, actually, you should have been the emperor, and the royal family wouldn’t have to rely on swallowing the Masamune Syndicate in order to survive.”

This was like suddenly removing the last bit of cloth on the Prince’s body, making his face and ears red, and he couldn’t get any words out.

Caleb had hit the nail on the head and exposed their thoughts!

“Peace is the most important thing in this city, don’t you think?”


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