Billionaire God of War Chapter 1881

Chapter 1881

The scenery under the blanket was certainly different from other places.

Even the feeling was completely different, and it made one not want to leave that place.

Ethan nearly didn’t want to leave.

When this girl decided to turn on her womanly charm, it could really be fatal to him.

A light fragrance wafted into the room from the kitchen downstairs.

It seemed to be some sort of herbal soup, perhaps with angelica or herbs like that…


Over at the R&D lab.

Lana didn’t go back on her word and fully cooperated with Professor Babbage and his team. They didn’t waste any time in developing their own integrated circuit.

She took out a basic set of codes that had been programmed a long time ago from her own secret storage space and passed it to Charley, making him extremely excited.

The two of them were elites in this industry and had plenty of information to exchange with one another and ideas to try out.

Lana was also very impressed by Professor Babbage. She didn’t expect him to be so forward in his thinking, so it made her really happy to talk to him.

The two of them wished they had met each other earlier as they were more and more engrossed in their research topic. They almost forgot to eat and sleep since they were so invested in their research.

Meanwhile, Lance just stayed outside.

There was plenty to eat and drink, so Tom Foster lined up a lot of activities for him.

Lance thought that he had eaten everything in New Haven, but now that he was in a coastal city, just the seafood alone was enough to bedazzle him.

He had eaten simple crayfish in ten different ways, and each way of cooking sent him straight to paradise!

“I don’t know how I could call myself an aristocrat and I don’t know what I’ve been eating all this while. You guys are the real aristocrats, all the people along the streets are aristocrats! All this food is simply amazing!” mumbled Lance as he chewed on a skewer and had a mouthful of oil.

The thing he did the most was to stick his thumbs up and keep praising the boss, so much so that the boss kept getting him to eat more.

Since Tom Foster was the one who brought him here, none of them accepted payment from them at all.

Lance continued eating his way down the street and was just short of getting a sleeping bag to camp overnight here.

“I don’t think he’s getting out of that street within this month,” laughed Tom Foster as he reported to Ethan after arranging everything for Lance.

He had seen many people become obsessed with money, women, status or power, and many other things. But Lance was the first one he knew who was so obsessed with delicious food.

Even if he had to give up being an aristocrat, Lance probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

“After eating years and years of delicacies, he appreciates the street foods,” said Ethan. “Let him be. This fellow is a little childlike in character.”

“I’m going to Europe.”

Tom Foster nodded. “Geoff and the rest are still in Tokyo, aren’t you bringing them over?”

“No need, Harkness is already over there.”

Ethan had rescued Jack Harkness twice, so he already owed him two favors. It was only right of him to get Harkness to do some work.

Besides, Harkness was much more familiar with Europe, so it was more convenient to move around that way.

“How’s the situation with the reclusive clans?” Ethan hadn’t asked in a long time. If there was any major problem, Tom Foster would definitely inform him.

“Evan has united all the clans and they’re all trying their best to decode the meaning of the manual pages. Once the last two pages are in, I’m sure they’ll be able to unravel the mystery really quickly.”

Enoch Arronax’s research lab was also working hard at the same time, so their efficiency was at its highest.

Once the other two pages were in and they had the full set of nine pages, they would be able to see the secret behind the manual clearly.

“Ok, you keep an eye on things and update me.” Ethan nodded. “Krishan has probably gone to Europe by now, and perhaps one of the pages should land in his hands.”

The two of them exchanged glances and knew what this meant.

Krishan definitely knew some secrets.

Ethan didn’t kill him the last few times because he wanted to get these secrets. Otherwise, there was no way Krishan would have survived till today.


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