Billionaire God of War Chapter 1884

Chapter 1884

Harkness coughed a few times, combed his wig in the mirror and suddenly felt that he could do this too.

“Life is hard when there’s a comparison!”

Harkness muttered under his breath. He knew that even if he sat in the café long enough to become a fossil, no woman would chat him up.

He watched the red sports car drive away and hesitated for a while, but didn’t follow after them.

Whatever for?

To watch them have fun?

Ethan sat in the front passenger seat of the red sports car and his expression remained calm.

“Where shall we go?”

“Your place or mine?”

Hailey’s eyes curved as she smiled and stuck her tongue out to lick her lips. “My place is better, my bed’s huge.”

With that, she jammed the accelerator hard like a lunatic and the street resounded with that frightening engine noise.

In just fifteen minutes, she arrived at an old castle. The metal gates of the castle were quickly opened the moment the guards could hear the sound of the sports car engine. It was clear that they knew Hailey very well and knew that she would never slow down.

If they didn’t open the gate in time, they’d have to change the gate again.

The red sports car flew past the gate and the two guards quickly moved aside. They were afraid that they might suddenly die here if they weren’t careful.

This was really the first time Ethan had met such an aggressive woman.

The car continued speeding through the castle and she didn’t even care when they went over some potholes and uneven sections of the road. She finally screeched the car to a halt, pulled out the keys and opened the door. “Get out of the car!”

The moment Ethan got out of the car, Hailey’s arms were already around his neck and she started eyeing flirtatiously. “Come with me.”

This was one madwoman.

Hailey practically hung herself on Ethan’s neck as she pulled him into her house and headed straight for the bedroom.

This woman was really wild!

She was so wild, it was truly shocking.

They had literally just met each other for the first time and didn’t even know each other at all.

“Are you always like that?” Ethan didn’t respond to her advances and blocked Hailey. “You’re always like that when you see any man?”

“Don’t ask.” Hailey’s breath was hot but Ethan stopped her from coming closer. “As long as we’re happy.”

Then her eyes seemed to suddenly burn brightly!

Before Ethan could push her aside, someone kicked the door open from outside. It was clear that this person was extremely angry.

“Hailey!” This thick voice belonged to a middle aged man with some graying hairs.

Reagan Salo!

He was the first to hear that Hailey was back, and that she had brought a man home again. And it was a Chinese man this time round. Reagan really couldn’t stand how his daughter was someone who slept around so casually!

“Why are you here?” Hailey glanced at Reagan and didn’t seem to care. She continued to hang onto Ethan’s neck without letting go and asked in a quiet and flippant voice, “This is my house, so it’s rude of you to barge in like that.”

Reagan ignored Hailey and walked over. He narrowed his eyes on Ethan. “You can get lost now.”

Hailey was clearly trying to get back at him, but Reagan did not accept her method.

To him, a man like Ethan was no different from those stray dogs along the road.

“You want me to leave?” Ethan looked at Reagan and his glance was slightly cold before he turned to look a little miserably at Hailey. “Do you want me to go as well?”

“You don’t need to go.” Hailey felt her heart tremble when she saw the way he looked at her. “The one who should leave is him.”

“Nobody can stop us from being happy.”

With that, her fiery red lips went close to Ethan’s.

Reagan was going to die from his anger soon.

“If you dare to touch her, then you’re never walking out of this place alive!” he roared murderously.

The threat was very apparent.

Ethan immediately reached out to block Hailey’s provocative kiss, then took two steps back and looked like he was both helpless and rather afraid.

“I’m sorry, Miss Hailey, I don’t want to die,” Ethan shook his head. “This gentleman says he wants to kill me. I didn’t expect your happiness to be derived from my death.”


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