Billionaire God of War Chapter 1885

Chapter 1885

Ethan sounded calm, but Hailey could sense some sarcasm.

She wouldn’t pour her heart out to Ethan since they just met each other. She was just doing this for a moment of fun and pleasure.

But after Ethan said these words, she looked even more hatefully at Reagan.

It wasn’t because he had threatened Ethan, but because he had affected her mood!

“If you dare to kill him, I’ll die right here.” Hailey didn’t hold back and stared coldly at Reagan.

Reagan was livid when he heard these words.

He didn’t expect his daughter to have fallen to such a stage.

She was willing to commit suicide over a random man she picked up?

“Die then!” he roared angrily.

Hailey didn’t hesitate and dashed towards the fruit knife on the table. Reagan was so terrified that he quickly held her back.

“Are you nuts?!”

“Didn’t you ask me to die?” Hailey scoffed coldly. “I’ll grant you your wish! My mother is dead, so if I die too, then nobody will affect you anymore, right?”

Reagan was so angry that his body was trembling, but he couldn’t refute his daughter at all.

He stared at Hailey as he held on to her hands tightly. After a long while, he turned to look at Ethan. “Don’t let me see you ever again.”

Ethan didn’t say anything and left.

The problem between this father and daughter had nothing to do with him, but it was possible to use their relationship to achieve his aim.

After he left the castle, Hailey’s expression was even nastier.

“You’re going to fall out with me over some random man?” Reagan scoffed coldly. “Did you know? Nobody in the entire Salo family has ever dared to talk to me like this!”

Reagan didn’t even have regard for the clan leader, but he couldn’t deal with his own daughter at all.

“I don’t know.” Hailey broke free of Reagan’s grip. “I know what I want and what I want to go after! Nobody can stop me!”

“I like that Chinese man and I’m going to marry him and have loads of children with him! How’s that?!”

She then ran out of the house.

Reagan was so angry that he was trembling all over and there was nothing but malice in his eyes.

“Kill that man now!” he ordered coldly.

A voice came from behind him, “Yes, Mr Salo!”

Reagan’s expression was nasty. There was nothing else but fury in his heart.

He could have had everything.

Power, status, money and countless women if he wanted to.

But he hadn’t taken care of his family and had put in all his time and effort into his career and ambitions, so in the end his wife became depressed and died from it.

As a result, Hailey hated him and hated him since she was a child. She refused to even call him ‘father’.

After growing up, Hailey made it a point to disgrace him and made sure she was an embarrassment to him. And now, she was sleeping with all sorts of men and even brought them back to the Salo clan’s castle!

This was clearly a move to completely embarrass her father!

Reagan remained standing there and a figure came to kneel before him.

“How is it?” He took a deep breath and tried to suppress his anger. He had to remain calm when it came to important things.

“Lance and Lana have been taken away and they’re in Greencliff, China. We…probably can’t get into that place.”

“And the royal family? Don’t they want what they want?”

Reagan’s eyelids twitched.

“Tokyo is in a mess, and I’m not sure who they’ve offended. They’ve suffered great losses and they can’t attend to anything else, plus they have to guard against the Masamune Syndicate as well. The Prince…we can’t get in touch with him.”

Reagan frowned and he had a bad feeling in his heart.

His plan had run into another accident.

How did things turn out like that?

He had been hatching this plan for so long and had spent so much on manpower and resources, but just when everything was about to succeed, an accident happened.


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