Billionaire God of War Chapter 1886

Chapter 1886

Reagan wanted to use the Japanese royal family to take the Masamune Syndicate under his wing. That way, he would get a huge group of highly skilled fighters. The Japanese Warriors were powerful enough for him.

But he didn’t expect the Prince to be such an idiot. How could he deserve the manual if he couldn’t even get this small matter done?

“Keep trying to contact him. I need to know what’s going on with his side,” said Reagan.

“Yes, Mr Salo!”

The figure disappeared.

Reagan was starting to have a headache.

Something had gone wrong with his plan and his daughter was only making things worse. All these things made him feel frustrated and stuffy inside.

He wanted to be in charge of the Salo family and had put in a lot of effort into making this happen, so he really couldn’t afford things to go wrong at such an important point.

He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.


Ethan had walked out of the castle, and he hadn’t gone far when Hailey’s sports car caught up with him

“Get in!” Hailey wound down the car window and her eyes were still a little red.

Ethan didn’t move.

“I said, get in!!” Hailey shouted more loudly this time.

Ethan didn’t say anything and got into the car. The engine revved up again and sped into the distance.

Hailey was clearly in a bad mood. Her makeup was all smudged and she couldn’t be bothered to tidy herself up. She floored the accelerator without raising her foot at all, and the engine gave off a very frightening noise, but Ethan remained expressionless.

Hailey suddenly braked and the car shook violently, lost its balance and started skidding.

They were about to hit the road divider when Ethan suddenly grabbed the steering wheel with one hand and spun it hard, while his other hand pressed down on Hailey’s leg to make sure she hit the brake pedal properly.

There was black smoke around the car tires and they gave off a burnt smell.

The car finally stopped and Hailey’s makeup had completely smudged, so it was difficult to see what she really looked like.

She leaned her head and both hands on the steering wheel and was still in shock.

“Just let me die…”

“I’m fine with letting you die,” Ethan glared coldly at her. “Why did you want me to die with you?”

He tried to push the car door open, but because the door was out of shape, it got stuck.

Ethan kicked it right out instead.

The car door flew out.

Ethan got out, flagged down a car that came driving towards him and got in before the driver could say anything.

“Go to Grace Chapel.”

The driver opened his mouth to speak but shut it again when he spotted Ethan’s glare.

He started the car again and drove off.

Hailey was still leaning on the steering wheel and her body shuddered as two lines of tears continued to stream down her face and wet the steering wheel.

She sniffled for a while before finally beginning to bawl miserably like a pitiful little girl who was dejected and helpless…

Ethan reached Grace Chapel and went straight to the backyard. Harkness was sitting there as he plugged in his earphones and shook his head to the beat while muttering some lyrics. Goodness knows what song he was listening to.

When he saw that Ethan was back, his eyes lit up and he pulled out his earphones.

“You’re back so fast?”

Wasn’t Ethan back a little early?

He thought they’d take at least until the next morning.

Ethan didn’t entertain him.

“I need you to help me with something.”

“You’re going to get it already?” asked Harkness.

“There’s a chance,” said Ethan. “That woman is Hailey Salo, Reagan Salo’s daughter. The manual is in Reagan’s hands.”

If he understood the situation correctly, that was definitely the case.

“What do you intend to do?” Harkness’s expression became stern. He didn’t joke around when it came to serious matters. “Are you going to use Hailey to infiltrate the castle?”

“No.” Ethan shook his head. The security of the castle was very tight, and someone like Reagan would not put the manual in a place where people would immediately think of searching.

In fact, Hailey probably knew nothing about it either. It wasn’t a good choice to use her this way.

“I want you to spread news out there and say that the manual is with Hailey.”


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