Billionaire God of War Chapter 1889

Chapter 1889

Harkness was stunned, but he immediately cursed Ethan for being a cunning fox.

Was Ethan going to just sit back and watch the show?

He was going to watch Krishan and Reagan kill each other and wait to reap the harvest after they were both dead?

How sly!

How cunning!

Why didn’t he think of that?

In the past, Ethan was very direct. If he wanted something, he just went up to get it. He was really powerful, so there was no way anybody could fight him. But he also knew that Ethan kept to the rules of every circle he entered.

In the Third World, the rule was also that the strongest man would win and stronger parties would swallow up weaker ones. But counting on nothing else but physical strength wasn’t an intelligent move.

Besides, all these longstanding aristocratic families were all very hard to read and predict. Otherwise, how else would they have lasted so long in this world and controlled everything within it?

“You’re going to make them fight?” Harkness gulped and started to get excited. “The Salo family is facing an internal conflict, but Reagan hasn’t gained the power he wants yet, so I don’t think they’d fight, right?”

Besides, Reagan only cared for power and position. Hailey was nothing to him.

Why would he give up the manual for Hailey?

That was the best bargaining chip he had.

“We’ll let nature take its course,” said Ethan. “Just make arrangements according to my instructions.”

“Got it.”

Harkness stopped asking and went to get things done.

He purposely got someone to somehow get the message to Reagan without leaving any tracks and just waited for Reagan’s reaction.

The Assassins Group information network was very well developed.

There was some information they had that you couldn’t access even if you had money, and there was some information that you didn’t even ask for, but Harkness had a way to send it to your doorstep without you expecting it at all.

That’s what happened to Reagan.

The Assassins Group information network had always been an important source of information to these aristocratic families.

After all, only the things you paid for were genuine.

He didn’t expect to chance upon this news.

“Is this information reliable?” Reagan frowned and didn’t believe it immediately. After all, this was just one source of information, and such a specific piece of information sounded like it was purposely targeted at him.

“Besides the Assassins Group, there are also two other sources with this information, so it should be reliable.”

Reagan slammed a palm on the desk and was furious. “Are the Toneys tired of living? How dare they target Hailey?!”

He was furious and didn’t expect a lower tier family like the Toneys to be eyeing Hailey secretly.

He didn’t know who released the first piece of information in the first place. How could this person say that Hailey had a page of the manual? Wasn’t that making use of Hailey?

Nobody knew better than himself where the actual page was.

“What should we do now? Miss Hailey is at the bar and I’ve already sent men to protect her. But if the assailant is really at that level, then I’m afraid that our men…”

The subordinate was in a dilemma.

According to the information, the Toneys had hired an advanced grandmaster fighter, and this advanced grandmaster was one of the best!

Even if such a fighter existed within the Salo family, nobody would be able to stop him.

If this fighter had his eye on Hailey, then Hailey would be killed for sure!

Reagan’s expression was nasty.

He was still suspicious and felt that this piece of information had come too suddenly. His intuition told him that this was a trap.

But this sort of intuition…

If he was wrong about it, the price was Hailey’s life!

“Call Hailey to come home!” said Reagan. “If she stays at home, I’m sure nobody can kill her.”

“Miss Hailey…”

The subordinate was in an even more difficult position.

Even Reagan couldn’t get Hailey to move, so how could they?

Hailey wouldn’t even look at them.

“Then kidnap her home!” said Reagan furiously. “You idiots! If she retaliates, just knock her out and bring her home! Tie her up and don’t let her go out!”


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