Billionaire God of War Chapter 1890

Chapter 1890

Under such circumstances, Reagan couldn’t be bothered about whether Hailey would be unhappy or not. If she died…

Reagan didn’t even dare to think about it.

He had spent his lifetime to get to this position and he was going to reach greater heights soon, so he could not afford to fail now.

But then…Hailey was his only daughter.

“Yes, Mr Salo!” The subordinate immediately ran out.

As long as they could bring Hailey back, she would be safe within the house.

No matter how bold the Toneys were, they wouldn’t be able to attack her within the house.


Hailey was sitting in a bar and the lights were dim. Even the music was depressing, as if it was purposely coordinating itself with Hailey’s mood.

“Get me another mojito.”

She had put on light makeup and it was already a little smudged, but she didn’t care anymore.

The good mood she had when she actually decided to go home had disappeared, and she even felt the urge to kill herself.

If not for that man, she would probably be dead by now.

Dying in a car accident was probably the ugliest way to die. Her limbs and other bones would be so terribly broken…

She started to regret doing that after thinking about it. She was glad that man saved her in time. He was really quite extraordinary.

But until now, Hailey didn’t even know Ethan’s name.

She thought that the two of them would just have a one night stand, then become strangers again.

“Miss Hailey,” a voice came from behind her. “Mr Reagan would like you to go home.”

Hailey turned and saw that it was one of Reagan’s subordinates. She knew who he was but didn’t want to pay him any attention, so she just pretended she didn’t see him and just continued drinking the glass that the bartender passed to her.

“Miss Hailey, Mr Reagan is very worried about your safety, so he got us to take you home. Please come with us.”

“Get lost!” shouted Hailey.

She didn’t want to go back and definitely didn’t want to see Reagan. She didn’t even want to hear his name.

“Miss Hailey…”

“I told you to get lost, don’t you understand English?” Hailey smiled coldly. “If you say anymore, I’ll kill myself right here!”

A woman who wasn’t afraid to die was a really crazy one.

The men who came to pick her up frowned slightly.

“Miss Hailey, I’m sorry but our mission is to take you home. If you aren’t willing, then we’ll have to take you back by force.”

The men moved forward and were going to take Hailey away by force!

Hailey smashed the glass on the countertop and glass shards flew everywhere. She picked one up and pressed it against her own neck, and the distant look in her eyes was terrifying.

“Do you really want me to die?” Hailey’s voice was rather cold.

The sharp glass had already cut the skin on her neck and it was bleeding slightly.

The men were all stunned because they didn’t expect Hailey to do something like this.

“Miss Hailey! Don’t do that! Stop!” he quickly shouted out. He didn’t dare to push Hailey to a point where she killed herself.

He never imagined that Hailey would be so aggressive.

“Back off!” shouted Hailey. “Stay further away from me, otherwise you’ll go back with a dead body.”

She sneered at the men around her. She never had any regard for them and they actually tried to threaten her?

They could dream on.

Hailey scoffed and ignored them, but the moment she turned her back on them, a shadow swiftly made his way next to her.

“I’m sorry, Miss Hailey.”

Before she realized what was happening, everything went black before her eyes and she fainted. These guys…had come close to her without her realizing it.

“Take her away,” said the shadow calmly. The other men quickly carried Hailey and headed out of the bar.

But just as they reached the exit, the men stopped in their footsteps.

“Is the security here so bad? You’ve knocked someone out and you’re taking her away by force but nobody is going to stop you guys?”

Ethan stood in the doorway and looked at them, then his gaze fell on Hailey. “I’ll help them with you guys then.”


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