Billionaire God of War Chapter 1893

Chapter 1893

Jimmy was even more stunned now.

Reagan was willing to give him the manual?

He hadn’t said a single word about this matter at all.

Besides, how had they been underhanded and despicable? Those things they did in secret weren’t considered despicable, right? They hadn’t even really done anything yet. Reagan had gone overboard in saying such things.

But if he was willing to hand the manual over, then what he said didn’t matter anymore.

“Uncle Reagan, this manual…”

“I’ll give it to you!”

Reagan smiled coldly.

Most people weren’t qualified to own these pages, and even if one held onto it, it would only be for a short time, otherwise it would bring disaster and ruin to the person. He knew about this a long time ago.

That’s why he always only used it as a bargaining chip to exchange for the things he wanted, and never thought of possessing it.

He knew that this thing would not stay with him for long.

It was a disaster waiting to happen. So holding onto it without enough power to do so was bringing harm on himself instead.

But the only problem now was that he hadn’t achieved his aim yet. His deal with the Japanese royal family was not completed and he still didn’t have control over the Masamune Syndicate yet, so he couldn’t expand his influence.

But he didn’t have a choice.

Hailey was in these people’s hands and he couldn’t possibly just watch his only daughter die!

“Uncle Reagan, since you’re so open about things, I won’t hide anymore either.” Jimmy took a deep breath. Since Reagan had already come clean, then Jimmy didn’t have to beat around the bush either. “I want the manual, but I will definitely give you an equivalent amount of benefit.”

“The Toneys have worked with you for many years now, so if you need anything, the Toneys will definitely support you without question.”

Reagan merely scoffed.

They had kidnapped his daughter and they were saying all this crap now? The Toneys were really shameless!

“Yes, your clan leader has said before that if I want to compete to become the clan leader, he will do his best to help me. I’ve always remembered that,” said Reagan with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

He felt like he had heard a joke. The Toneys were so small and they wanted to help him? In what way were they helpful?

With that tiny bit of influence they had?

But he didn’t talk about any of this.

Reagan just waved his hands and someone came with a small box and passed it to Jimmy.

“The manual is inside. You’ve got what you wanted, so I should get what I want back too.”

He didn’t want to waste time talking.

Jimmy didn’t understand what Reagan was really talking about. He thought that Reagan really wanted the support of the Toneys.

He took the small box and opened it to look. Krishan stood behind him and his eyes immediately lit up.

It was really a page of the manual!

Jimmy was relieved when he saw Krishan’s eyes light up. His heart also settled down immediately.

“Thank you so much, Uncle Reagan! Don’t worry, we’ll definitely get you what you want.” Jimmy bowed seriously and walked out with his men.

Reagan didn’t stop him.

He just watched Jimmy walk out of the house.

He didn’t want to touch Jimmy before he could ensure Hailey’s safety. It was a really difficult decision to make. He could give up everything for the power that he wanted for himself.

But he couldn’t give up on his daughter.

“Mr Salo, they’ve left.”

“Once Hailey comes back safely, take action immediately. Get that manual back too!”

“Yes, Mr Salo!”

Several figures immediately shot out on his instructions.

Reagan’s eyes were filled with nothing but viciousness and violence.

Jimmy left the castle and was over the moon. But after thinking about it further, it seemed like something was amiss somewhere.

Reagan had agreed too readily.

This was very different from what Jimmy knew of Reagan.

Even the clan leader of the Salos didn’t know what to do about Reagan and was always under Reagan’s thumb, so Reagan’s domineering personality was very apparent. But today…

“Give me the manual!” Krishan immediately snatched the box from Jimmy impatiently once they got into the car and his eyes were glittering when he opened the box.


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