Billionaire God of War Chapter 1894

Chapter 1894

“It’s really the manual!”

The diagram and the etching on the back was exactly like how the legends described it. The ancient air around it was impossible to imitate.

Krishan started getting excited. “Haha! I’ve finally gotten one page!”

“Ethan, Ethan, did you think you would always be faster than me?”

This time, he had gotten his hands on the manual itself before Ethan even found out where it was.

“Mr Drake, then my antidote…”

“Ho, you want the antidote?” Krishan narrowed his eyes. “There’s one more page, so you must find it for me!”

Jimmy nearly started shouting at Krishan. This man was really greedy!

They agreed on only one page but now he wanted another? Krishan was bullying him!

“We already agreed that this would be a partnership. But now, you’re clearly threatening me!”

“And so what if I am?” Krishan scoffed. “Unless you want to die, you’d better listen to me.”

“You!” Jimmy reached out to snatch the manual back. “Return me the manual!”

Krishan slapped him hard across the face. “Do you want to die?”

His expression was so ferocious and inhumane, he looked more like a wild beast.

“Remember this carefully. Your life belongs to me, and the fate of the Toneys is also in my hands,” Krishan smiled coldly. “If I become unhappy, I can turn the Toneys into dust anytime!”

Jimmy clutched his face and clenched his teeth hatefully.

He felt like he had walked into a trap. He wanted to make use of Krishan, but in the end, the person who was made use of was himself.

But there was nothing he could do when faced with such a highly skilled fighter. And Krishan was also an expert in poison.

Kill Krishan?

Finding a way to do that was already a problem, but if Krishan died, then Jimmy was going to die too. Jimmy wasn’t crazy enough to use his own life in exchange for Krishan’s.

He gnashed his teeth but there was nothing he could do.

“I don’t even know where the last page is,” said Jimmy. “How am I going to get it for you?”

“I don’t care,” laughed Krishan. I didn’t think you were capable of doing this at all, but it looks like I underestimated you. So I believe you can help me to get to the last page too.”

This man was really shameless!

Jimmy was so angry that his body was shaking. He opened his mouth but couldn’t get any words out at all.

Krishan ignored him and just got out of the car with the manual.

He was going to find a place to properly study this manual to see what secrets were hiding in this page and whether it was the same as his guess.

Jimmy was left in the car as he panted angrily. He was going mad soon!


Back at Grace Chapel.

Hailey slowly opened her eyes and checked her clothes first. Everything was in good order.

She looked around and this was an unfamiliar place. She looked at the style of the d��cor and felt like she had never come to a place like this before.

“You’re awake?” came a voice from behind her.

Hailey’s eyes widened and she sat up with a start when Ethan walked through the door.

“It’s you!”

“If not?”

“What are you trying to do?!” asked Hailey warily.

The men from her clan had come to take away, but she was now in Ethan’s hands. She was playful but not stupid. It wasn’t easy to take her away from those men who had come to pick her up from the bar.

“I don’t intend to do anything.” Ethan looked calmly at her. “I’m not interested in you at all. I just didn’t want to see a young lady in her prime lose her life for nothing.”

“Those men belong to my family, so they wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Is that so?” He shook his head. “What about other people? I heard that someone wants to kill you.”

Hailey’s face paled and she became nervous.

“You!” She glared at Ethan with an unfriendly expression on her face. “Who on earth are you?!”


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