Billionaire God of War Chapter 1896

Chapter 1896

Hailey laughed bitterly and a look of self-deprecation flashed across her face. She didn’t say anything and walked out.

Hailey didn’t go anywhere else and just went straight home.

The moment she walked into the castle, Reagan got the news and he ran out.

Hailey saw how worried Reagan looked and wanted to say something, but before she could say anything, Reagan hugged her very tightly, as if he was afraid that she would disappear if he let go of her.

His reddened eyes were filled with worry. It was impossible for Reagan to hide his worry no matter how hard he tried.

“You…” Hailey wanted to speak, but she wasn’t sure what to say all of a sudden.

“I’m just glad you’re back.” Reagan didn’t say too much and just exhaled slowly as he saw that Hailey was fine. “Nobody can hurt my daughter. Nobody.”

“The Toneys… will make them pay for this!”

He wasn’t good at expressing himself. This was the maximum he would go.

Reagan then walked away.

Hailey was still stunned.

But after a while, her eyes teared up as she slowly squatted down, hugged her knees and slowly began to cry loudly.


Reagan’s face was filled with murder.

Hailey was back because he had used the manual in exchange for her. At least that Jimmy kept his promise after taking the manual.

But they had offended him, and that alone deserved death!

“You can go ahead!” commanded Reagan.

He gave the order and all the men who had been on standby all this while immediately took action.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was lying on the couch at home and his face was a little pale.

He was angry and helpless at the same time. Krishan had poisoned him, so if he couldn’t get the antidote, he was dead meat.

And now, the biggest problem wasn’t his own life, but the fact that his entire clan had been made use of by Krishan.

The phone rang and Jimmy frowned as he glanced at the number on his phone.

He hesitated for a while before finally picking it up.

“Father, what is it?”

“What have you been doing out there?!” A furious roar came over the phone. “How could you attack Reagan’s daughter?! Are you tired of living?!”

Jimmy was stunned. “What are you talking about?”

“You little b*stard! You b*stard! The clan is doomed because of you!”

The other party continued to curse and shout at him, but after a few shouts, the shouts became shrieks, then it was silent…

“Father! Father!”

Jimmy went pale. When did he attack Hailey?

Even if he thought of it, he didn’t do it.

And even if he really wanted to do it, he would get Krishan to do it. He…


Could this idiot have killed Hailey?


He had already obtained the manual, so why would he kill Hailey? He had probably gone to look for a place to study the page by now.

“Father!” shouted Jimmy into the phone, but there was no response.

“From today onwards, the Toneys are no more.” An unfamiliar voice suddenly spoke murderously into the phone.

Jimmy shuddered.

Reagan had taken action?

The assailants were from the Salo family!

This Reagan claimed to be willing to give him the manual but then also sent men to wipe out the Toneys? What was the meaning of this?

What was he trying to do?

Jimmy had no idea, and neither did Reagan. They had both become a weapon used by Ethan to wipe out the Toneys.

He didn’t know that Ethan didn’t care about whether the Toneys existed or not, and was just too lazy to kill them himself. He just wanted to cut off Krishan’s chances of getting the last page of the manual.

So what if they were a Third World power?

As long as they crossed Ethan, then Ethan wasn’t going to be polite to them!

Jimmy stood up immediately because he didn’t dare to stay in his house anymore.

Reagan’s men would be here in no time!

But he had just taken two steps when his head spun. He felt like the blood in his body couldn’t move anymore and his brain was suffering from a lack of oxygen. He collapsed on the spot…


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