Billionaire God of War Chapter 1897

Chapter 1897

Jimmy felt that everything in front of him was becoming dim and he could smell blood. It seemed to be coming out from his own nose.

“Save…save me…”

He tried to say more, but something seemed to be stuck in his nose, so he couldn’t get any more words out.

As his consciousness failed, Jimmy saw some figures come into his house and they seemed to be very aggressive, but he couldn’t feel anything anymore.


Krishan had no idea what was happening to the Toneys.

To him, Jimmy was nothing but a tool who was only valuable because he could be used.

Otherwise, it didn’t matter if he died or not.

Krishan had now found a very secluded place where nobody would come near to.

He didn’t want anyone to disrupt him at all.

He sat down cross legged as he placed the page of the manual he had in front of him. He focused his energies and shut his eyes to enter a very mysterious sort of state of mind.

In his mind, a human figure was now throwing strange punches.

It was strange because the techniques used were extremely ordinary.

They could barely even be called techniques, and looked like normal punches.

Each time this figure threw a punch, it looked similar, yet different at the same time.

Krishan still couldn’t grasp that strange and mysterious feeling.

It was too difficult to understand.

After a long time, Krishan opened his eyes again violently. His eyes were gleaming as he took a deep breath.

He didn’t look at the manual the same way as before now.

“This is amazing! It’s simply too amazing!”

“No wonder Ethan was able to improve so much so quickly. These pages are not simple at all.”

Krishan held onto the manual tightly and started to regret not leaving Minstrel Mount earlier to hunt the pages down.

Even though it was true that finding the pages relied on fate and not effort, but if he had known about how incredible these pages were, he would have turned the whole world upside down.

He wouldn’t have let a young punk like Ethan get so many pages.

He regretted it, but there was no point in regretting it now.

“Such deep meaning is hidden in these simple techniques. No ordinary person could possibly do something like that.”

He was sure that nobody in this current era would be capable of doing such a thing.

The only explanation was that this manual really came from that place!

The place where the map behind the manual was pointing to!

Krishan kept the manual away carefully, then he stood up, clenched his fists tightly, and sent one out suddenly.

Three fierce punches were thrown in quick succession and the impact exploded so hard on the wall in front of him that the wall cracked and dust flew everywhere.

The impact of these punches were really scary!

He had only understood a little and this was the effect?

His ability had gone up by so much. It was simply incredible!

Krishan had trouble believing it himself.

He had practiced martial arts for nearly 60 years now, and it was no better than just studying this page for a few days.

He only had one page, but Ethan had seven pages!

So how terrifying was Ethan now?

And what sort of person was the one who designed these moves?

The more Krishan thought about it, the harder his heart pounded and he didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

There were many things he read before that he found hard to imagine and was very shocked by. He had some guesses in his heart but never dared to talk about it. Even if it was now right in front of him, he still didn’t dare to talk about it.

“Once I find that place, I’ll know if all this is real or not.” Krishan took a deep breath. “The most important thing now is to get that last page.”

“That way, at least I’ll be able to negotiate with Ethan.”

The difference between one page and seven pages was really very great.

Krishan finally understood this.

Ethan could have killed him, but purposely left him alive because Ethan needed the secrets he knew.

The more he thought about it, the angrier Krishan became.

He couldn’t stand being looked down upon like that.

He was the Senior Elder of the Drake clan!


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