Billionaire God of War Chapter 1898

Chapter 1898

Krishan laughed coldly when he thought about the Drake clan. The violent look in his eyes did not dissipate.

He wondered what Minstrel Mount looked like now.

Once he got the last page, then it would be time to go back to have a look. There were still some things in the Drake house that he had to take away.

Krishan looked at his own fists and didn’t say anymore. With a flash, he disappeared completely.


The Toneys were gone.

It came so suddenly and nobody expected it at all.

Both their businesses and other areas were affected, and important members of the family ran into accidents and died horribly.

A killing of this scale was not common even in the Third World, because the attacker had to pay the price for launching such an attack as well.

In particular, the attackers this time were the Salo family, a longstanding aristocratic family in the Third World that normally kept a low profile. But this time, they went all out without hiding as they completely wiped out the Toneys.

The Salos suffered great damages too, but they attacked with hesitation.

Many powers were shocked and didn’t know what was happening at first, but the moment they realized the Toneys were doomed, nobody cared about the reason anymore and quickly seized the opportunity to grab whatever was left after the Toneys had fallen. That was more important to them.

In the Salo castle.

The air was rather heavy.

The man seated in the clan leader’s chair at the round table had graying hair and looked like he had long lost all the energy in his body.

But now, his expression was really nasty.

“Reagan, did you check with us before doing something like this?”

“You don’t call the shots in the Salo family, you know?!”

“Do you know how much we’ve lost this time? The Toneys are gone, but what did the Salos get in return?”

“You gave Lana away in exchange for getting the Masamune Syndicate, but what happened in the end? And now you’re just doing things rashly again? I’ve been too kind to you!”

The clan leader shot words out of his mouth like a laser gun, and he was so angry that he slammed the table several times.

Reagan sat across from him and didn’t look afraid at all.

His expression remained calm, as if nothing had happened at all. The clan leader was furious, but he didn’t react at all.

“Are you done talking?” Reagan finally spoke up quietly.

He lightly rapped a finger on the table. “If you’re done, it’s my turn.”

“You…” The clan leader’s face was all red from his fury.

Had he lost all power within the clan despite being the clan leader?

“The Salos are a family that has existed for centuries, and we’re one of the top powers within the Third World. How many are stronger than us?” Reagan laughed coldly. “But now, how many respect the Salos?”

“We ought to remain low profile, but when we’re too low profile, there will always be idiots out there who think they can walk all over us!” Reagan glared at the clan leader. “You should reflect on yourself. How did the Salos end up like this? You might be alright with it, but I’m not!”

He stood up and his face was murderous. “I will not allow anyone to just trample all over the Salos! Nobody is allowed to!”

“Reagan!!” The clan leader was furious and stood up as well. “Do you have any regard for me at all?!”

“I’m sorry,” Reagan shook his head. “I really don’t.”

The clan leader didn’t know what to say at all. He was so angry that he started coughing violently and nearly collapsed on the spot.

Reagan was being too audacious!

He was simply too outrageous!

Reagan had challenged him time and again for so many years, and never treated him as the clan leader. He even continuously changed all the important members of the family to people on his team. He wanted the position of clan leader, didn’t he?

“I’m not even interested in your position anymore,” said Reagan calmly. “So what if I’m not the clan leader? As long as I’m determined to bring the clan to greater heights, they will all support me. If you don’t believe me, look.”

Just after he said those words, everyone else at the round table stood up, turned to Reagan and bowed their heads respectfully!


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