Billionaire God of War Chapter 1899

Chapter 1899

The clan leader was stunned for a moment before he laughed bitterly and shook his head at all of them.

He knew this day would happen, but when it really did, he still felt disappointed.

He was the clan leader, but he didn’t have any of the authority a clan leader ought to have.

The entire clan had betrayed him, and there was probably nobody around him whom he could trust anymore.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just not capable enough,” said Reagan with a glance. “Just enjoy your old age.”

He didn’t kill the clan leader not because Reagan was feeling charitable, but because this clan leader posed no threat and wasn’t worth the effort.

After the meeting was over, Reagan left.

A few men in black suits had been waiting in the guest lounge for some time.

Reagan seemed to be radiating brightly as he sat down and looked down at the people before him. It seemed like his aura shone through after that meeting and he didn’t bother hiding it anymore.

“Have you gotten it back yet?” Reagan was obviously referring to the manual.

“Not yet.” His subordinate’s response made his expression fall immediately.

“We searched the entire clan but we can’t locate the manual at all.”

“Jimmy is dead and died from poisoning. We’re still trying to trace where the manual has gone to.”

“Useless idiots!” cursed Reagan as he slammed the table.

He dared to give Jimmy the manual because he was confident of getting it back.

But now?

He didn’t get his hands on the Masamune Syndicate and the manual was lost. That was as good as saying that he had lost all his bargaining chips.

And got nothing in return!

“We will investigate this as soon as possible!”

“Investigate it now!” Reagan was furious.

Having the manual meant that he would have a bargaining chip to bargain with other Third World powers or other parties.

It might even have other uses in the future.

He had managed to get this far because he had better foresight than most people.

Where could the Toneys go with the manual? Reagan had reacted very quickly and didn’t give the Toneys a chance to go anywhere. He had men keeping an eye on Jimmy as well, so how could it go missing?

“We’ve been keeping an eye on Jimmy ever since he stepped out of the Salo castle and he’s never left home. The only one who did leave was one of his bodyguards.”

“What?” Reagan’s eyes grew alert again. “You didn’t keep an eye on the bodyguard?”

He could sense that something bad had happened.

“We��couldn’t keep up.”

The subordinates were also at a loss.

They had sent three men to follow that bodyguard, but they soon lost him and couldn’t even find any tracks.

The Toneys never had anyone this formidable before.

Reagan got it immediately.

He scoffed and while he looked furious, he didn’t blow up.

“It looks like we can’t get the manual back at the moment,” he said flatly. “Never mind, we still have the copy.”

“Do you want us to get Lana back?”

Reagan narrowed his eyes.

He was the one who arranged for a copy of the manual to be tattooed on Lana. He had done that in advance just in case something like this happened.

He didn’t care about the contents of the manual because he couldn’t understand it at all, but it was very valuable to some people, so it could become one of his bargaining chips.

“Get the copy back!” said Reagan.

“Yes, Mr Salo!”

The subordinates quickly left to get it done.

There was a chance that he might not get the manual back, and even if he wanted it back, it would cost him time and other things. Reagan wasn’t stupid and never placed his hopes in only one place.

Getting the copy back was enough, even if it wasn’t as valuable as the original.

“The Salo family will definitely become the most powerful within the Third World!”

That was his aim, and because of that, everyone in the clan supported him. His ambition and drive was way stronger than the clan leader.


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