Billionaire God of War Chapter 1902

Chapter 1902

The gravestones were covered with dust and some of the words weren’t clear anymore. Ethan just wiped the dust with his hand and sat down next to the gravestones to read the words on each and every one of them.

Harkness could feel his hair stand on end.

What was this fellow doing?

He wasn’t afraid of such things, but being surrounded by gravestones made him feel strangely gloomy, and he kept feeling like someone was watching him from behind.

Ethan sat there and looked at the description of each person’s life. But these people didn’t seem to be related to Ethan at all.

“What are you looking for exactly? I could help you with the search.”

“Looking for someone,” replied Ethan.

“A dead person?”

“Is anyone here alive?”

Harkness stared at Ethan like he was a weirdo. If he didn’t know that Ethan was definitely normal, he wouldn’t have known what to say.

Was there someone in this cemetery that Ethan wanted to find?

Ethan didn’t talk anymore and just continued to go from gravestone to gravestone. It was as if he was determined to find out about the life story of everyone buried in this cemetery.

It was like reading a storybook.

Harkness decided not to ask anymore and just sat on one side as he quietly observed Ethan.

Time continued to pass and Ethan would just look at each gravestone while nodding or shaking his head from time to time.

He finished looking through every single one in the cemetery.

At the end, Ethan walked back to one of them and gently patted it.

“Found it?”

“Found it.”

Harkness immediately got up and took a look. “The previous head of the Salo clan?”

“Why are you looking for him?”

The previous head of the Salo clan was dead for so long that he probably didn’t even have any bones left beneath this soil.

What was Ethan’s point in looking for his gravestone?

“Someone dug his grave up before,” said Ethan.

“Are you serious?”

Harkness immediately frowned and walked around the grave seriously. The area around the gravestone seemed pretty firm, but he could also tell that the soil here had been moved before.

Who would dare to dig up the grave of the previous head of the Salo clan?

There was even a cemetery caretaker here too.

Harkness immediately looked towards where the cemetery caretaker was sleeping and he figured that the alcoholic was probably of no use.

“Ethan, what are you trying to say?” Harkness was losing patience. “Don’t make me use my brain anymore, it’s very tiring.”

“The page of the manual that the Salo clan has was taken out from this grave,” said Ethan.

Harkness was stunned.

Ethan even knew about this?

“How did you know? You’ve never even seen that page before, so how did you know…”

“It’s written here.” Ethan pointed at the gravestone.

Harkness immediately squatted down and looked carefully at it. It didn’t state anything obvious like ‘boxing technique manual’, but it described the noble achievements of this man, including getting his hands on a mysterious scroll from the east.

This scroll had helped to raise the Salos to greater heights.

He was surprised that this man had actually carried the manual with him to the grave, and even more shockingly, it got dug out and taken away again.

Harkness couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement. How could Ethan possibly know something like this?

He hadn’t seen Ethan investigate anything in this area before this.

Ethan probably made a guess based on everything else that happened.

“Since that page has been taken away by Krishan already, then what’s the point in looking at all this?” asked Harkness again.

“There’s one more page.” Ethan turned to look around him. “It could possibly be within this cemetery as well.”

Harkness felt all his hair stand on end immediately.

Was this a joke?

The last page was also here?

He really didn’t understand what sort of reasoning abilities Ethan had. How did he reach such a conclusion?

Harkness wanted to ask, but he knew it was pointless. He would get even more confused if Ethan tried to explain, so he just asked directly, “Where is it?”

Ethan shook his head.

“I can’t confirm yet.” He looked at Harkness. “I can’t possibly dig up all the graves in this cemetery, right?”


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