Billionaire God of War Chapter 1903

Chapter 1903

Harkness swallowed the words that came to mind.

If he was in Ethan’s shoes, he would have done that. As long as he could get that last page and close this case, the method wasn’t important anymore.

He gulped and coughed twice. “Of course we can’t do that. The dead ought to be respected, and I’m not that sort of person who’s disrespectful to the dead.”

He looked around at the gravestones around him. If the last page was buried within this area, at least they had a range to look out for.

“What do you intend to do?” Harkness looked at Ethan.

“I’ll just let nature take its course,” replied Ethan quietly.

The appearance of the pages all this time seemed to be connected to fate.

Master Eraqus had been leading him along and even waited twenty years for Ethan to fully mature and become able to fight against the eight reclusive clans. And he even…

Ethan knew that his Master would not make any useless decisions, and would not sacrifice himself for nothing.

He must have discovered something and needed Ethan to do it. He needed Ethan to mature to a certain extent, then discover this matter.

For the time being, Ethan felt that he was ready.

“Let’s go.” Ethan didn’t look around anymore and walked away.

Harkness followed him out of the cemetery.

After the two of them left, the cemetery caretaker slowly opened his eyes and watched Ethan walk away. There was a complicated expression deep in his eyes.

“This sort of bloodline really exists after all…” The cemetery caretaker sighed and shut his eyes again. “Chaos is coming. Is it going to become a mess all over again?”



Greencliff was no longer that tiny city it used to be.

The rapid advancement and investment in the city caused Greencliff’s economy to rise dramatically and was about to surpass that of Fairbanks, causing many people to return to Greencliff from Fairbanks.

“Of course! When I say that I’m born and bred in Greencliff, all my classmates envy me!”

The Legend of Fairbanks, Jenny, wanted to change her nickname now. The Legend of Greencliff sounded better, and was more useful.

But there was only one legend in Greencliff, and that was Ethan. She didn’t dare to fight with Ethan for this title.

Jenny sat in a car and looked out at the scenery outside the window. She was going home.

If the holidays didn’t come sooner, she was going to become skinnier from not eating enough. She was already so sick of the food in the school.

But actually she just needed to make a phone call and all the bosses of both the legal and illegal circles and even government officials would fight to treat her to a meal.

She was the Legend of Fairbanks after all.

But she wouldn’t use her identity if it wasn’t necessary, because she didn’t want to be an embarrassment to Ethan.

Suddenly, the car shook and braked violently. Jenny couldn’t catch herself in time and her head knocked into the door handle, causing her to shout in pain.


She clutched her head and the pain made her nearly cry.

“Do you even know how to drive?!”

“Miss Baker, a few idiots didn’t watch where they were driving and we nearly had a collision!” The driver was equally furious and watched as a black MPV sped past furiously and domineeringly. “Are they in a hurry to be reincarnated or something?!”

He slowly started the car again and looked at Jenny in the rear mirror. “Are you alright?”

Jenny rubbed her forehead and shook her head.

“Safety comes first. Don’t drive too quickly. There are too many people out there driving without their heads screwed on properly.”

She was going to cry from the pain soon, but she still tried her best to maintain her image as the Legend of Fairbanks. She watched the black car disappear into the distance and really wanted to catch up with them to teach them a good lesson.

In that black MPV were five or six men in black suits. They were all Caucasians and their faces were cold and distant.

“According to our intel, Lana is now working at Palmer Group’s R&D lab and developing a new integrated circuit. What we need to do is to bring her home!”

“Greencliff is a rather special place, so be vigilant and don’t be careless. Once we get her, we leave immediately. Everyone else is to cover us. Understand?”


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