Billionaire God of War Chapter 1904

Chapter 1904

“Got it!” the rest replied in unison.

Greencliff was no ordinary place and they had checked beforehand.

If Lana was within that Extreme Martial Arts Academy, then they could give up on this idea.

The last group of people who came here couldn’t even get into the academy, never mind taking someone away from there.

But this lab seemed like an easier target. There were only a few security guards at the entrance, so they could sneak in at night, take her away, then leave Greencliff as soon as possible.

The car entered Greencliff and went straight for the Palmer Group R&D lab without stopping anywhere else.

They had no idea that from the moment they entered Greencliff, their license plate had been scanned and sent to the Greencliff information network.

“The license plate is from out of town and has never driven into Greencliff before. According to the CCTV, the driver should be a Caucasian, but the owner of this car isn’t. According to the projected route of the car, they’re headed for Palmer Group’s R&D lab.”

In no time, all the information that could be read from the car had been gleaned and sent for further analysis.

Butler Zed had already turned Greencliff’s information network into a very dense net, so even a tiny shrimp with ill intentions would not get away.

The defenses of Greencliff were up and everyone was put on standby as soon as possible.

At Palmer Group’s R&D lab.

The security guards at the entrance remained vigilant.

“Red alert! Red alert! There is a black MPV, license plate number 744EK headed for the lab right now.” Their earpieces rang with a notification from the network center and all the security guards immediately became alert. They looked further out and saw that a car was headed towards the lab right now.

“Team leader, an unfamiliar car is coming towards us,” the security guards immediately reported this matter.

“Roger. All the brothers in the vicinity have gone over and will be in position within one minute. Carry out your duties as per normal.”

“Got it!”

All of them exchanged glances and were fearless in their hearts. Even if the person inside the car was the most frightening of assassins, they would not be afraid!

That was because they were in Greencliff!

This was a forbidden territory!

They were backed by all their brothers in Greencliff and everyone who lived in this city of steel!

Before the MPV reached the lab, they could already see two rows of security guards lined up outside the lab entrance. That was different from the information they had.

“Hmm? Why are there so many of them?” The leader frowned slightly.

Before he could comment on anything else, more people came running extremely quickly from both sides of the street to stand in front of the lab. So now there was another 30 people or so.

The leader’s expression was even nastier now.

What was going on?

They had just arrived in Greencliff and they had already been discovered?

After all those men had run in from the two sides of the street, another bunch of cars came from different directions and their car was soon blocked by more than ten cars.

The men in suits inside the car immediately started feeling nervous.

“What’s going on?”

They hadn’t done anything and they hadn’t exposed themselves at all. How did anyone discover them since they had just arrived in Greencliff? These people reacted so quickly!

The car was forced to stop.

The men inside the car looked at each other nervously. The driver nodded and wound down the window with a smile, “We just happen to be passing by, is anything the matter?”

“The forbidden territory of Greencliff welcomes you,” said the security guards as they walked over with calm looks on their faces. “But strangers are not allowed near the research lab.”

“Oh, this is a research lab? I’m so sorry, we didn’t know. We’ll drive away now.”

“Send them off,” said the security guards.

The cars inched forward and surrounded the MPV on all sides. They were really being aggressive.

The men in suits inside the car paled because they could see that every car was filled with men who were ready to fight. If they ended up in a conflict, they would probably die in less than three minutes!

And they would have gone without even making a splash!


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