Billionaire God of War Chapter 1905

Chapter 1905

They were completely surrounded, so there was a chance they’d survive if they quietly left Greencliff. Otherwise, they were definitely doomed!

The driver wound the window back up.

The men had nasty expressions on their faces.

“What do we do now?” asked one of them. “Do we leave just like that?”

“If not? You want to just barge in?”

The leader’s face was livid. He didn’t expect Greencliff to be this frightening. They had just reached Greencliff and were already discovered.

And while the other party said they were sending them off, it was also a warning to them to consider the consequences before trying anything funny in Greencliff.

“But if we don’t bring the copy back, Mr Reagan won’t let us off!”

If they didn’t complete their mission, they would die when they returned too.

“We’ll leave first, then find another chance to come back in,” decided the leader.

If they didn’t leave now, they might never get to leave again. So the best choice was to find another chance and think of something else later.

The MPV slowly drove out of Greencliff and the cars continued to follow them until the MPV had driven past the boundary markers of Greencliff. The cars stopped following them, but they continued to park themselves at the boundary.

“The reputation of Greencliff as a forbidden territory is real. It’s going to be hard to take the copy away.”

“But I think they don’t dare to do anything to us because they’re also afraid of who we are.”

“Humph! I’m sure they already know that we’re from the Salo clan. So they only dare to chase us out but they don’t dare to actually attack us. I’m sure of it.”

The men continued to discuss this matter inside the car.

They concluded that the people of Greencliff knew who they were but didn’t dare to touch them and only forced them to leave.

In that case, they still stood a chance.

But before the leader could say anything, the car suddenly shook violently and flipped to the side. It skidded for more than ten meters and there were sparks on the ground.

“What’s going on?!” shouted the leader as the driver howled away. One of his feet was trapped and it hurt him very badly.

“It’s a cliff!” he shouted. “This road leads to the edge of a cliff or something! We’re falling!”

It was too dark to see anything, so by the time he realized it, it was already too late.

This road led to nowhere, and a huge ravine was waiting in front of them. He wasn’t in time to stop the car at all.

He tried to hit the brakes hard but it caused the car to flip to the side. By the time the car landed in the ravine, the car was completely out of shape.

The men inside were sprawled haphazardly in the car and were all injured. They could hardly get up and were in terrible pain.

They suddenly realized that the people of Greencliff had purposely set them on this path in order to teach them a lesson!

If there were dangerous things inside this ravine, they might even have died.

Greencliff was not a place to be trifled with!

And this was only a small lesson.


Back inside Nature Club within Greencliff.

Tom Foster was leaning against a chair as he narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Send them off?”

“Yes, we did. We nearly sent them to hell as well.”

If Tom Foster didn’t give specific instructions earlier, those men would definitely have died instead.

Anyone who came to Greencliff with evil intentions would not be let off easily!

“A lesson would do, since we have to be polite to the folks from the Third World,” laughed Tom Foster. “After all, Palmer Group is going to enter the Third World soon, so we’ll see all these people very often.”

He didn’t mention that there was value in leaving the Salo family alive. Otherwise, there was no way he would have let these people live.

Making trouble in Greencliff was equivalent to offending Ethan, and that was a crime punishable by death!

He closed his eyes slightly. “Keep a close eye and make sure they don’t end up dying. If they want to have fun, then tell our brothers to have fun too.”

“Got it.”

Tom Foster took a deep breath and massaged his neck before continuing to sort out the information on his hands.

He just received some information from Minstrel Mount and had to sort through it before passing it on to Ethan.

Evan had led all eight reclusive clans to jointly crack the secret behind the boxing technique manual. They hadn’t reached a conclusion yet, but they had some findings already.

Once the last two pages were in and they could confirm that they were going in the right direction, everything else would fall in place.


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