Billionaire God of War Chapter 1907

Chapter 1907

Evan was on high alert and didn’t dare to be careless at all.

Krishan was one of the Drake clan’s Senior Elders and he was extremely powerful. Besides Ethan, nobody else could hold him down.

Why did he suddenly come back to the Drake house?

Krishan saw how nervous Evan was and laughed coldly.

To him, Evan was nothing but a child, so he didn’t have any regard for this youngster at all.

“The Drake clan is mine, so I can destroy it anytime I want. Nobody can do anything about that,” he sneered rudely. “But you are certainly not qualified to take this position.”

Evan’s expression changed slightly and he gripped the dagger even more tightly now.

He kept his eye on Krishan and knew very well that if Krishan decided to attack him, then he was definitely dead meat!

No matter how hard he worked, he wasn’t able to fight against Krishan. In fact, he probably wouldn’t even survive one move from Krishan!

He took a deep breath and the nervousness in his eyes disappeared. It was replaced by confidence and determination.

Even if he had to die, he must not embarrass Ethan!

Evan made the first move!

He tapped the floor lightly with his foot and flew right out as he aimed the dagger at Krishan!

The dagger was extremely sharp and Evan attacked aggressively without thinking about the consequences.

He didn’t have any chance to think about anything else since he was faced with a highly skilled fighter like Krishan.

Krishan scoffed in disdain and slapped Evan’s wrist extremely quickly, causing the dagger to fly right out.

Before Evan could do anything else, Krishan tapped his chest twice with his fingers while some powder flew into the air and was quickly absorbed by Evan’s skin.

In that instant, Evan had been frozen and couldn’t move an inch!

It felt as if all his nerves had been frozen.

“What…what did you do?!” Evan clenched his teeth. “Kill me if you want! Are you trying to use me to threaten my Master?”

Krishan narrowed his eyes and just scoffed, but ignored Evan’s question.

He walked to Evan’s bed and pressed something somewhere. The bed creaked a little, then separated into two. Evan was stunned when he saw this.

He never knew that his own bed had such a mechanism installed inside.

Krishan took a box from inside, checked the contents and nodded like the things he wanted were still inside.

“What’s that?” asked Evan.

“Did you think I would tell you?” Krishan was a little amused.

“I’m going to die soon, so why not tell me?” snapped Evan.

“You are really not afraid to die.” Krishan walked over to Evan and looked at him seriously.

This boy really didn’t look like a member of the Drake clan at all. By right, Evan should have called him Granduncle, but Krishan didn’t care about these things anymore.

“Who said I was going to kill you?”

“Huh?” Evan was confused. “You didn’t come here to kill me?”

“Who do you think you are?” asked Krishan. “You think someone like you is worth my effort to come all the way here to kill?”

He snorted loudly and Evan’s face was all red.

Evan was supposedly the head of the Drake clan, but Krishan had no regard for him whatsoever.

“Actually, I kind of like your temperament,” said Krishan. “Much better than those bootlickers.”

“I don’t care for this clan anymore, but I don’t wish for it to collapse either. If you can lead it well, then it won’t hurt to keep you alive.”

He looked at Evan and tapped him on the shoulders as he scoffed quietly. “Besides, if I kill you, that Master of yours might drop everything and hunt me down no matter what it takes.”

He couldn’t afford to provoke Ethan.

At least he couldn’t do that now.

He had one page of the manual, but Ethan had seven pages.

If they really had to fight each other, Ethan could definitely kill him off easily!


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