Billionaire God of War Chapter 1908

Chapter 1908

Krishan had never seen where Ethan’s limit was, and possibly nobody in the world could push Ethan to his limit. Only that place…

Krishan didn’t bother saying anymore and quickly left with the item he wanted.

Half an hour later, Evan was able to move again.

His entire body was tense and ached a little, but after moving around for a while, he felt ok again.

“Krishan…” Evan frowned. “What did he take away from here?”

He ran to the side of the bed and started touching the side until he found a catch. He pressed down on it and the bottom of the bed split into two again. Evan inspected the inside carefully but didn’t find anything.

Only that small box had been hidden here. But what was in that small box?

Evan frowned and quickly walked out to send someone to bring this information to Greencliff.

In any case, Krishan returning to Minstrel Mount and actually taking something away from the Drake house was no small matter.

Anything that was related to the Extreme Fist Technique Manual was no small matter, especially when it came to that sly and scheming old geezer, Krishan!

“Master Drake, why aren’t you resting?” The elders didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when they realized that Evan had come out of his room again.

It had been less than an hour since Evan went to his room to rest. Of course that wasn’t enough resting time.

“Krishan came back.”

These words made the elders’ expression change instantly.

Of course they knew what Krishan’s name meant.

He was the Second Elder of the Drake clan!

To them, he was one of the two most powerful men in the history of the Drake clan, and was someone who sat high and mightily above them.

They were still respectful towards him.

“Why…why did he come back?” But now, Krishan wasn’t one of their Senior Elders anymore. He was now a man who served only his own selfish ambitions and was someone with terrifying prowess. “Master Drake, are you alright?”

They were extremely worried.

Evan shook his head.

“I’m fine, he didn’t try to kill me.”

It would have been so easy for Krishan to kill him.

He hadn’t seen how powerful Krishan used to be, otherwise he would have realized that Krishan was now even more frightening than he used to be!

“But he took something away with him,” said Evan. “I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely nothing ordinary. We have to work faster.”

He could feel that they were getting closer and closer to revealing the secret behind the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

Either they would get an answer first, or Krishan would.

No matter what, they couldn’t let Krishan get ahead of them!

“Tell the other reclusive clans to come to the Drake house to discuss this matter. This concerns the reclusive clans and Minstrel Mount, so this is no small matter. Please tell them to treat this matter with utmost importance!” said Evan. “My dear elders, I’m afraid you’ll have to help me to pass this message personally.”

“No problem!”

None of the elders protested.

They all knew that Krishan was no ordinary man, and if Krishan was invested in the Drake clan, then they would have certainly followed him wholeheartedly.

But Krishan was now only pursuing his own selfish ambitions and could destroy the Drake clan anytime.

Besides being terrified of such a man, they also couldn’t trust such a man ever again.

On the contrary, Evan was worth their trust and had used his actions to convince them.

The elders immediately ran out to inform the rest of the reclusive clans to come over to the Drake house for a discussion and to get work done as soon as possible. They had to find out the secret behind the manual faster than Krishan did.

At the same time, the news reached Greencliff.

Tom Foster frowned slightly at the news he had just received.

“Krishan has really returned to Minstrel Mount.” Ethan had told him before this to keep an eye on Minstrel Mount, and look out for Krishan in particular. “But what did he take away with him?”

Nobody knew the answer to this.

Probably only the two Senior Elders knew that there was something hidden in the bed of the head of the clan. No matter what he took, since it had been taken away specially by Krishan, it wasn’t good news.

Tom Foster remained calm and took out his phone to call Ethan.

“Big Boss, you guessed it right. Krishan has returned to Minstrel Mount.”


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