Billionaire God of War Chapter 1909

Chapter 1909

Ethan was still in Europe when he got the call from Tom Foster about how Krishan had gone back to Minstrel Mount.

He had guessed that Krishan would definitely go back to Minstrel Mount and pay the Drake house a visit, but he had no idea what Krishan had taken away from the Drake house.

But it was clear that this wily old fox was getting ready to unravel the secret behind the manual.

That box was probably Krishan’s bargaining chip.

“He won’t dare to touch Evan,” said Ethan.

“With a Master like you around, Krishan wouldn’t dare to do such a thing unless he’s tired of living,” said Harkness while making a face.

It didn’t matter who it was. Anyone who knew that Evan was Ethan’s disciple would never dare to touch Evan.

Most people were no match for Evan, while sufficiently highly skilled fighters wouldn’t want to die at Ethan’s hands.

If Harkness publicly announced that he was a friend of Ethan, nobody would dare to make trouble for him.

This was the God of War of the East who had turned the Third World upside down in the past, so he was not to be trifled with!

“Krishan is definitely trying to track the last page down now as well. What should we do?”

“Wait,” said Ethan. “We’ll wait for someone to send the page to us.”

He leaned against the chair and looked up at the digital calendar on the wall.

“I really should be going back.”

He had come out for several days now, and he was beginning to miss Diane very badly.

He had come out this time mostly to take a look at the cemetery and to see if the information that Butler Zed found was accurate or not.

In other words, the last page was inside this cemetery, but it was hard to say if it had been dug out of the grave like the previous head of the Salo clan.

The only way to force the hand of the one who was holding onto this manual secretly was to threaten their profits.

And Palmer Group was in the best position to do something like that!

Harkness didn’t say anything.

He knew that Ethan never did anything predictable. Most people couldn’t keep up with his line of thought, and even if you could actually sort of keep up, you would be dead tired in no time.

“I’ll help you to keep an eye on this place, and I’ll call you immediately if anything happens.”

Harkness sent Ethan to the airport.

“Watch the Salos carefully,” Ethan reminded him.

He then turned and walked into the departure hall.

Harkness’s eyes deepened.

The Salos were a longstanding aristocratic family of the Third World, and now that Reagan had taken over the clan, they were different from before.

“Who could be holding onto the last page?” He narrowed his eyes. “Oh whatever, I just need to listen to what Ethan said and wait for it to appear in front of us.”

He got back into the car, turned on his new favorite hip hop music and started shaking his head to the beat.


Back at Palmer Group’s headquarters in Greencliff.

Diane clutched her forehead and massaged her temples gently.

Palmer Group was taking huge strides now, so the entire company was trying their best to share Diane’s burden wherever they could.

But even so, she still felt rather tired.

Whenever Ethan wasn’t around, she would just leave herself in the office and think about work all day long.

“CEO Palmer, the market report from Korea is ready and the directors have checked through it. Do you want to look at it too?”

Diane shook her head.

“It’s fine as long as they’ve looked at it.”

Ashley nodded and was about to walk out when Diane called her back. “No wait, I think I’d better take a look.”

“What about the report from Japan?”

“Bring it in too.”

Those markets that Palmer Group had been part of for a long time wouldn’t have issues, so Diane wasn’t concerned with those. But she was still worried about these new markets that had just started growing.

“Since I have time and I’m not needed in a meeting, bring them in,” said Diane.

Ashley opened her mouth and wanted to tell Diane to rest more, otherwise Ethan would be so upset when he comes back.

But Diane was a workaholic and there was no way Ashley could make her budge.


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