Billionaire God of War Chapter 1912

Chapter 1912


“No room for negotiation here.”

Ethan refused to budge this time.

There was no use in pleading with him.

“If you try to bargain with me some more, I’ll close this company down and make you rest at home.” Ethan didn’t give Diane any more chances. “Come, let’s go home now. I’m sure you haven’t told Mum yet, right? She’s going to teach you a lesson.”

Of course Diane didn’t dare to say anymore. Ethan carefully took her hand and they left the office.

She figured that she had to whine a little more cutely for a longer time before he would allow her to return to work. Or perhaps she could try cutting her workload by half.

When they got home, Ethan told his in-laws about Diane’s pregnancy, and everyone was so excited.

William and April didn’t blame Diane for not telling them since they were so happy, and immediately started talking about making preparations.

When the Hunt family in the north got the news, Thomas and family immediately sent a truckload of supplements to Greencliff.

Even when Evan heard about it all the way in Minstrel Mount, he got some men to pick some thousand-year ginseng and sent it to Greencliff as well.

This little one was only a fetus, but it had already touched so many lives and so many people were all waiting for it to be born.

Even Ethan couldn’t be bothered with anything else.

He arranged for everyone else to settle his matters and he didn’t go anywhere at all. He stayed by Diane’s side all day to protect her and serve her.

Nothing was more important than Diane and his child.

But the others weren’t as easygoing or as gentle as Diane was.

They knew that when working for Ethan, the process wasn’t important, and the most important part was to complete the mission he gave them!

The announcement that Palmer Group was entering the Third World was made the very next day. The person in charge of this matter was Tom Foster!

He was originally in charge of taking care of Greencliff, but since Ethan was in Greencliff, he was free to do something else instead.

“It’s time to stretch my joints,” Tom Foster laughed. It had been a long time since he did anything like this, and he couldn’t wait.

Winston was still in the Middle East, and him alone was enough to keep the mercenary armies in check. Brother Geoff and the wolves had gone to stir up trouble in Tokyo, so the royal family kept going to Caleb to beg him to get Ethan to take the wolves away.

But Caleb ignored them. If the royal family did not completely give in, he wasn’t going to let them rest easy.

Tom Foster didn’t need too many people for the business, or at least not for the time being.

He didn’t only have a trump card on hand, he had a trump bomb!

Palmer Group’s R&D lab had come up with the first prototype of their new integrated circuit, and they just needed a few more tests to confirm the results before they could start mass manufacturing.

That alone was enough.

Tom Foster’s mission was to follow Ethan’s instructions and enter the Third World!

He was best at doing such things.

If others were reasonable, then he would deal with the matter reasonably. If others weren’t reasonable, then he was more than happy to teach them a lesson!

Palmer Group made their move!

Tom Foster left Greencliff with several people while Ethan remained in Greencliff.

He just wanted to accompany Diane and didn’t want to leave her at all.

“We’re in Greencliff, so you don’t have to be so worried.” Shawn knew what Ethan was worried about. “Greencliff is no longer the Greencliff of the past.”

“That’s right, you don’t have to worry.” Victoria had also put aside all her work and came to Greencliff to accompany Diane because she was afraid that she might be too bored.

Ivan also sent highly skilled fighters from the Extreme Martial Arts Academy to make sure Diane never left their sight, and of course, Ethan had Cillian protecting Diane in the shadows all this while.

But Ethan shook his head.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust these people or that he was worried that someone might attack Diane.

He just wanted to be by her side when she needed his company the most.


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