Billionaire God of War Chapter 1913

Chapter 1913

Ethan’s lifestyle became more routine and he seemed more like an ordinary man now.

He spent all day by Diane’s side like a little puppy and Diane wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry.

“You’re even following me to the bathroom?”

“The floor is slippery and I’m afraid you might fall,” said Ethan.

When Diane woke up and opened her eyes, she could see Ethan sitting by the bedside and looking at her gently. There were times when he reached out to touch her belly, but didn’t dare to in the end.

She was so amused by this.

For breakfast, everything was available in the house and she had mother who could probably win professional cooking competitions, so Diane never had to worry about her meals.

After eating, they would take a walk, watch TV, eat fruits, listen to music…

Ethan had already lined up all the activities that would be beneficial to the baby.

Diane wanted to do work, but Ethan didn’t allow her to touch anything.

He even confiscated her phone.

“Don’t worry, Palmer Group has now fully matured and it won’t collapse just because you’re not around,” said Ethan. “You have to trust Tom, he’s a wily old fox. And Harold and the rest won’t let you down.”

“Of course I trust them.” Diane shrugged her shoulders and looked really adorable. “But I want to be part of them and work hard with them too.”

“Then why don’t you ask them if they’re willing to let you join them now?” said Ethan crossly.

There was no need to ask. Diane couldn’t even access any company documents and she had practically been ousted.

She tried to call Ashley to ask for the progress on a particular project, and Ashley actually hung up on her!

This girl was really bold now!

Palmer Group was operating very well even without Diane, because Ethan was in control of everything.

But he wasn’t working on the ground like Diane used to. He just needed to make the final call on things and professionals in the company would see to the rest. He didn’t need to worry at all.

“Alright then.” Diane flipped an illustrated book for children open. “What story shall we tell our little one today?”

“We’ll tell the story of the Beggars’ Sect.”

She glared at Ethan, then purposely said, “Once upon a time, there was a group called the Beggars’ Sect, and a handsome young man was among them…”



Back in Europe!

Tom Foster really moved quickly!

Before Palmer Group’s integrated circuit was ready, he was already looking for business partners.

He didn’t hesitate and went straight to look for the people who used to work with the Salos.

“And what do I stand to gain from working with you?” the other party had a kindly look on his face, but he didn’t hide the disdain in his voice.

This company was from China and regardless of brand image or financial power, they were nowhere near the Salos. From whatever he knew about this company, they were clearly at a different level and he didn’t want to talk to Tom Foster initially.

But if there was enough benefit to be made, then a discussion wouldn’t hurt either.

“Duke Bolan, China is a huge market, and this is an advantage that you can actually see,” said Tom Foster with a smile. “Besides, if you work with Palmer Group, I can guarantee that you will remain standing in the Third World for at least the next few decades or even the next few centuries.”

“Wow, how boastful,” snorted Duke Bolan. “Remain standing in the Third World?”

“Palmer Group isn’t even good enough to get into the Third World and you dare to say something as boastful as this?”

He felt like he had just heard the biggest joke in the world.

Someone outside of this world could tell him that they could help him to stand at the top of the world for a long time to come. If this wasn’t a joke, then what was it?

Duke Bolan got up and shook his head. “Mr Foster, I think Palmer Group is an overly ambitious company who doesn’t seem to be fully aware of its capabilities. We are unable to work with you like this.”

He got up and left.

Tom Foster didn’t stop him and just remained seated. The smile on his face never faded a single bit.


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