Billionaire God of War Chapter 1914

Chapter 1914

Tom Foster turned to look at the rest around the table.

“What about the rest of you?” asked Tom Foster. “Do the rest of you also feel that Palmer Group is not fit to work with you?”

The rest exchanged glances before shaking their heads.

Everything that Tom Foster said earlier did seem like a joke to them. It was an impossible idea.

How could they possibly compare to the Salos?

How could they possibly promise something so ambitious? This was as good as building castles in the sky.

“Your integrated circuit is not ready yet, right?” asked one of them suddenly. “Since it’s not ready yet, how are you so confident?”

Tom Foster looked at the person who spoke up and saw that it was someone from the Hess family.

“Kylo, I can answer this question of yours. That’s because one of the developers of this integrated circuit is someone called Lana Salo.”

Everyone’s faces changed upon hearing this.

Everyone knew that Lana was from the Salo family.

They knew that both Lana and Lance were elites in the area of integrated circuits.

They were extremely famous.

The integrated circuits that the Salos developed became one of the best in the world thanks to these two.

But how did Lana end up going to Palmer Group?

“The future of the Salos is very clear, and so is the future of Palmer Group,” said Tom Foster. “This situation is like buying stocks and shares. You can choose between the stocks that have been doing well all along, or you could buy something that has the potential to do well.”

“Of course, the good stocks are doing well now, but what about tomorrow? What about next year? The potential ones are not worth much now, but what happens once it suddenly rises?”

He smiled brightly and said, “Everyone here is an expert in business, so I’m sure none of you need me to explain anymore.”

He got up and patted his suit to smoothen it out.

“Alright then, that’s all for today. It’s been a pleasure talking to all of you today. But for the next round of meetings, it will be the other party’s pleasure to talk to me.”

His words were so domineering.

They also sounded rather arrogant.

Palmer Group was the one asking for a partnership now, so how could Tom Foster be so arrogant?

Where did he get the confidence to speak like that?

But Tom Foster didn’t care about their reactions. He was really giving them a chance, so it depended on their foresight and fate to decide who would take this chance.

Palmer Group was going to enter the Third World in a matter of time, and they would quickly rise to the top soon!

The various aristocrats were still thinking about how they ought to choose. Since Lana had jumped ship, that meant that there was a problem within the Salo clan.

For the time being, the Salo clan would probably be alright. But what about the future?

Remain standing in the Third World…

It sounded like a joke, but these were also frightening words!

Palmer Group was really ambitious!

Kylo from the Hess family frowned slightly and his heart was racing. He had a strong feeling that this Tom Foster could be telling the truth, even though it did sound completely impossible right now.

The Hesses were at the bottom of the Third World and had barely managed to squeeze itself into the Third World. Climbing up any higher was extremely difficult.

A chance…

This was a chance!

This was a gamble!

“I can’t make the final decision,” Kylo Hess clenched his fists. “But if I don’t make a decision now, then I might miss the chance.”

He clenched his teeth and ran out.

Tom Foster was about to get into his car when Kylo caught up with him.

“Mr Foster, please wait.”

Tom Foster turned and saw that it was Kylo. He smiled and asked, “Kylo, what is it?”

He watched as the struggle and hesitation in Kylo’s eyes slowly became more and more determined.

“I would like to work with Palmer Group,” said Kylo. “No, the Hesses would like to be a close partner of Palmer Group!”


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