Billionaire God of War Chapter 1915

Chapter 1915

There was a voice inside Kylo that told him that if he missed the chance today, he would regret it for the rest of his life!

The Hess family would regret it forever as well!

“Are you able to represent the Hesses?” asked Tom Foster.

“Yes, I am able to!” replied Kylo. “I am now representing the Hesses.”

“Sure, I’ve taken note of that. Someone will contact you soon.”

Tom Foster nodded and got into his car.

“Kylo Hess, this will be the best decision you’ve ever made in your life.”

The car started up and Tom Foster left.

Kylo stood at the entrance of the hotel and took a deep breath. The raging feeling in his heart refused to go away.

This decision…was definitely the right one, right?

It definitely was!

He pulled his phone out and called his clan leader.

“Mr Hess, I’ve spoken to the folks at Palmer Group and I feel that there’s a better chance working with them rather than the Salos.”

The person on the other line was silent for a while before saying, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

The Salos were one of the most powerful clans in the Third World. They were a longstanding aristocratic family and almost nobody could rival them!

What was that Palmer Group even?

They hadn’t even entered the Third World yet, so actually the Hesses were even more powerful than them. Kylo had been kind enough to meet them, and now he even wanted to work with them?

“I’m very sure of this, Mr Hess. This is our chance. Duke Bolan has given up his chance because his clan still has some things to fall back on. But what about us?” Kylo’s voice started to become louder, “If we don’t find other opportunities soon, we’ll be chased out from the Third World and we might never get in again!”

They knew how stiff the competition within the Third World was.

The conditions to work with the Salos were very detrimental to them. It was as good as making money for the Salos, and the little bit of profit they earned was hardly enough for them to survive.

And if the Salos weren’t happy with them, the Salos could terminate the agreement anytime. Yet they couldn’t do anything about these unreasonable conditions.

Who said life would be smooth sailing once one entered the Third World?

One would only be facing even more powerful opponents and even tougher situations in order to fight for resources.

Kylo took a deep breath. “I’ve already agreed to work with Palmer Group. Mr Hess, I will bear full responsibility for everything that happens!”

The person on the other line fell silent and finally said after a long time, “Alright then.”

Once he had hung up, Kylo immediately left to terminate his agreement with the Salos and focus everything on Palmer Group instead.

He wasn’t sure why either, but he felt that he hadn’t made the wrong decision.

In no time, Europe soon caught wind of some information.

The story of Palmer Group’s meteoric rise was suddenly spread all over Europe, especially within the Third World.

The company had started in a small city, then expanded beyond Greencliff, beyond the southeast region of the country, then made a name for itself as a forbidden territory, then expanded throughout China, then overseas…

No matter where they went, they never met any opposition!

They turned Korea and Japan upside down!

Their frightening prowess seemed limitless, and their ability to enter foreign markets was unbelievable.

And now, Palmer Group was here.

Palmer Group had come to Europe and their target was the Third World!

“This Palmer Group doesn’t look too simple after all.” Duke Bolan sat on his chair and frowned slightly as he looked at the information he just received.

He had just turned Tom Foster down earlier because he felt that Palmer Group couldn’t be compared to the Salos at all, so there was no need to even think before making a decision.

But after seeing this information, he started to hesitate.

“This Palmer Group is really unstoppable and it seems like nobody has been able to prevent them from expanding. That makes them really very formidable indeed.”

“Besides, I’ve also heard that Lance and Lana Salo are now in Greencliff too.”


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