Billionaire God of War Chapter 1916

Chapter 1916

Duke Bolan was shocked. “Why didn’t I know about this?”

“You left in a hurry in the afternoon, so you weren’t around to hear it from Mr Foster.”

“Damn it!” Duke Bolan cursed.

He finally realized that Palmer Group’s target wasn’t only to enter the Third World. In fact, their target was obviously the Salos. That was why Palmer Group had called together all the long time partners of the Salos.

Palmer Group was trying to poach them!

“Call Mr Foster right now, I want to meet him!” said Duke Bolan.

Meanwhile, Tom Foster was seated on a sofa in a hotel room as he swirled a glass of red wine.

“Another one has called to ask if there’s still a chance to work together.”

“Of course,” said Tom Foster with a smile.

He wouldn’t refuse any of these business partners. He needed them very urgently now.

If they were going to drag the Salos down, then Palmer Group would have to poach all their partners.

In the past, Ethan’s strategy was to mind his own business unless otherwise provoked.

Ethan believed in convincing others by being reasonable, so Tom Foster and the rest had to listen to him.

But now, Ethan was in Greencliff with his wife and they had taken charge. Since the king was away, all the subjects could just do as they pleased. Tom Foster’s heart had been suppressed for so long, and it was getting all excited now.

He was going to use the most primitive method to strike first!

That always felt good!

“Kylo is already waiting downstairs and he hopes that we can sign the partnership agreement as soon as possible.”

“Wow, that’s fast.” Tom Foster nodded. “Good. Give different conditions depending on who signs first.”

“I’ll get everything prepared now.”

Tom Foster got up and put his wine glass down.

It wouldn’t take long for the Salos to start panicking.

But it would be too late by the time they become frantic. Nobody could possibly stop Palmer Group from rising.

That was because the one backing Palmer Group was Ethan!

In just three days, all the powerful families that worked for many years with the Salos all jumped to working with Palmer Group.

They were all very sensitive people and they could sense a profitable opportunity coming their way.

After they found out that Lance and Lana were both in Greencliff, they knew that something wrong must have happened within the Salo clan, and Palmer Group was coming to attack them fiercely.

Opportunities like this didn’t come by often.


At the Salo castle.

Reagan’s expression was fairly nasty.

He didn’t expect that Palmer Group would make an attack so quickly. This was going way faster than he had expected.

“We’ve lost contact with every single person we sent to Greencliff.” His subordinate’s expression was grim. “It’s as if they were just stones that had fallen into an ocean.”

They had sent many men to bring Lance and Lana back, but they couldn’t get into contact with any of these people now.

They knew that Greencliff was famous for being a forbidden territory, but they didn’t know that it was this terrifying.

And now, Palmer Group had launched an attack first. After arriving in Europe for only a few days, they had poached several of the Salo clan’s important business partners.

This was provocation!

This was declaring war on the Salos!

Reagan scoffed. “What are they possibly capable of? In such a short time, I don’t think Palmer Group could possibly come up with anything that could rival the Salos!”

Even though he hated to admit it, Reagan knew that Palmer Group must have dared to attack because they were fully prepared.

He had underestimated Palmer Group, and he had underestimated the forbidden territory of Greencliff.

And he had grossly underestimated the big shot behind all of this!

“Is there any new information from the Assassins Group information network?”

“No.” The subordinate looked like he was placed in a difficult position. “It seems like the Assassins Group has banned the Salos. They refuse to sell us any information.”


“Also, the Durham family in Korea as well as the royal family in Tokyo have all terminated their agreements with us and refuse to partner with us anymore…”

Reagan’s heart started pounding wildly.

“What the hell is going on?”

“It’s…it’s Palmer Group. Palmer Group made them choose one or the other.”


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