Billionaire God of War Chapter 1918

Chapter 1918

That murderous tone of voice surged through the air.

It shot through the sky!

Reagan nodded and didn’t say anymore.

There were too many things for him to consider now, but he still believed that nobody could possibly threaten himself nor the Salo clan.


Tom Foster was seated on the luxurious sofa of his hotel room and resting with his eyes closed.

He had spent a long time in Greencliff to make sure that everything went smoothly within the city, so he hardly left the city.

Now that Ethan had given him this mission, he had to make sure he got the job done well.

“Has everyone signed yet?” asked Tom Foster without opening his eyes when he heard footsteps.

“They’ve all signed their agreements. These people are all intelligent and they can tell that between Palmer Group and the Salos, Palmer Group would be the last one standing.”

Those who were able to gain a foothold within the Third World were all very smart people. It wasn’t possible for them to get this far without sufficient foresight.

Besides, the information that Palmer Group released made the situation very obvious as well.

The glory days of the Salos were going to be over soon.

Even if they weren’t, Palmer Group would make sure they would.

“Alright now, go and rest. There’s plenty more to do tomorrow.”

“Yes, Mr Foster.”

Tom Foster leaned against the sofa and exhaled slowly.

He had to take things one step at a time. Even if he was going to drive the Salos into a corner, he was going to take it step by step. First, they had to just feel an itch, then feel pain, then realized that they had no way to make a comeback before finally resigning themselves to their fate.

It was an art in itself.

All of a sudden, Tom Foster opened his eyes. He could feel a wind suddenly blow in and the window of his hotel room shook violently.

In just the blink of an eye, several men had rolled in from outside the window. They were all extremely quick and nimble!

They were all heading for Tom Foster.

But Tom Foster continued to look very relaxed in his sofa and placed both hands casually on the sofa as he looked at these masked men.

“Hello gentlemen, where are you guys from?”

This level of calmness was just like Ethan’s.

“Humph, Mr Foster, you’re really pretty bold. You’re actually not afraid.”

“It’s too late for anyone to save you now. After all, you’re not very important in Palmer Group.”

The men surrounded Tom Foster and one of them had pulled a dagger out.

“Palmer Group has sent you to Europe to die!”

“Oh, so you’re from the Salo clan.” Tom Foster laughed and picked up the glass of red wine by the side to swirl it gently. “There are two things I need to correct you on.”

“Firstly, we’re not able to offend the Salos, but the days of the Salos themselves are numbered.”

He took a small sip of wine after he said this. A cold flint flashed in the assailants’ eyes. They had never seen anyone this arrogant!

He was about to die, but he was still drinking wine so leisurely!

But before they could raise the dagger in their hands, a black shadow suddenly swept past them.

The three of them instantly collapsed onto the floor. Their necks had been wrung and their eyes were wide. They didn’t even know who did this to them.

All they had seen was a black shadow that moved as quickly as lightning, and he was frighteningly powerful!

“And secondly…” Tom Foster looked down at the three corpses on the floor, then at Cillian next to them. “In Palmer Group, I’m considered an elder, so Big Boss wouldn’t let me die so easily. Don’t you think so, Mr Cillian?”

Since Ethan was protecting Diane himself, he didn’t need Cillian around anymore.

Tom Foster was going to Europe to meet all these dangerous people, so it would be difficult for him to carry out his duties without a super highly skilled fighter. Ethan always considered every aspect.

Cillian remained silent.

He didn’t look at the corpses and just stared at Tom Foster.

“You’re not getting any younger yourself. Why are you behaving more and more like Ethan? This poser air around you really makes me feel like bashing you up.”

Cillian suddenly said so much at once, as if he was saying everything he couldn’t say for the past six months.


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