Billionaire God of War Chapter 1919

Chapter 1919

Tom Foster burst out laughing.

It was hard not to be affected after following Ethan for a long time. The effects were very obvious, and even someone as serious as Cillian had noticed it.

“It won’t take long before you become like this too,” said Tom Foster with a shrug.

“Tsk.” Cillian didn’t say anything else and just disappeared into the darkness again.

Tom Foster leaned against the sofa and smiled faintly.

Influenced by Ethan?

This was very normal, and it was a sort of honor and a precious thing to even be influenced by Ethan.

There was a very special and mysterious charisma around Ethan that was hard to pinpoint, but everyone who had come into contact with him would be convinced by him for sure.

“All of us were just pieces of shit before this,” said Tom Foster self-deprecatingly. “If we never met him, we would all still be pieces of shit.”

It didn’t matter whether you were talking about him, Brother Geoff, anyone in Greencliff or even the geniuses and talents that Palmer Group had hired. They all felt like that.

If they never met Ethan, they wouldn’t have had the chance to prove themselves or to maximize their talent and potential. They would still be going down the wrong path and finally ending their lives in regret.

But now, they had a responsibility on their shoulders and they were respected by others, and they were proud of who they were too!

It wasn’t only all the people fighting for their dreams in Palmer Group, but also all the everyday heroes in Greencliff who guarded the city fiercely.

When kindness and love became the theme of a city, the future of this city was definitely bright and motivating.

And the fact that he had the chance to become part of this noble company made Tom Foster feel that he had lived a life with no regrets.

“I’m from Greencliff, so this life of mine belongs to Greencliff. I’m willing to do anything for Greencliff,” said Tom Foster with a smile.

He took out his phone and made a call. “I’ve got a few flies in my room, come in and clean them up.”


Back at the Salo castle.

It was late at night but Reagan hadn’t slept yet.

How could he?

“They’re all dead?”

“Their bodies were thrown at our doorstep.”

The subordinate’s face was rather pale.

He had sent out really highly skilled fighters and they were all at grandmaster level. It shouldn’t have been difficult to kill the very ordinary Tom Foster.

But Tom Foster was still in one good piece, and apparently he even ordered supper.

While the men that he had sent out came back to the house as dead bodies.

This wasn’t just posing a challenge.

Reagan clenched his fists tightly and all his knuckles cracked loudly.

His eyes were bloodshot now.

His entire body was shaking with anger.

“They…They’ve really made me furious now!” spat Reagan angrily through his teeth. His eyes were about to spew fire now.

“Should we surround him and kill him off?”

“He’s just a small fry whom we’ve never even heard of before, so he’s not worth that much effort.” Reagan narrowed his eyes. “Send someone to follow him. Doesn’t Palmer Group want to work with the others? We’ll make those people distance themselves from Palmer Group.”

“Yes, Mr Salo.”

Palmer Group was difficult to deal with, but what about the others like the Hesses?

These tiny powers were nothing to Reagan.

Palmer Group could force these small families to work with them, but so could Reagan. These families were doomed either way, it was just a matter of how they were going to die. He was going to see how firm these families were going to remain after taking some blows!

Even if they remained firm, he was going to see if they remained firmly on his side or on Palmer Group’s side!

Reagan was an aggressive man and he wasn’t just hard on himself, but harder on others.

He sent people out to look for all these families. Since Palmer Group made them choose one or the other, he was going to do the same to them.

At this time.

At the Hesses’.

The clan leader and Kylo were seated across from the representative from the Salos.

“Our families have worked together for so many years, but the Hesses have suddenly terminated our partnership. This has made Mr Reagan deeply unhappy,” the representative’s voice was unfriendly and it was slightly threatening as well.

Of course Kylo could sense that.


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