Billionaire God of War Chapter 1920

Chapter 1920

Kylo looked at his clan leader and saw that his clan leader was nodding. He immediately replied, “A partnership is based on both sides enjoying a win-win situation. But in the past the conditions that the Salos offered us wasn’t anything like that.”

“In reality, I’m sure Mr Reagan knows that he’s been oppressing and exploiting the Hesses all this time. We have no choice but to refuse to continue working with the Salos.”

“If you make the wrong choice, then you will have to pay the price!” said the representative coldly without holding back.

Kylo laughed.

The Salos were really a high and mighty lot.

They were the ones who were here to get the Hesses back on their side, but this was the attitude they had.

Tom Foster was right in saying that they had always just been tools to the Salos and had never been respected despite being part of the Third World as well.

“And when will the Salos stop acting all high and mighty?” retorted Kylo equally nastily. “I’ll tell you now, nobody you ask now will be willing to work with you anymore. Since the Salos think so highly of themselves, then find a solution yourselves! See our guest out!”

He couldn’t be bothered to say more.

If the Salos were coming to them with this sort of attitude, then working with the Salos would be asking to be humiliated.

They would rather stand and die than to continue begging for their survival and allow the Salos to humiliate them like they had no dignity!

After sending the representative out, Kylo looked at his clan leader.

“They will definitely find a way to take revenge, so we have to get prepared,” sighed the clan leader.

In order to protect their own position and profits, the Salos would not allow their authority to be challenged.

It would be hard for the Hesses to hold up against them.

“Don’t worry, they can’t touch us.” Kylo shook his head. “Palmer Group would not allow them to do such a thing.”

“Palmer Group?”

“That’s right. That’s what Mr Foster has promised me,” said Kylo. “He said that nobody will be allowed to bully any of Palmer Group’s partners.”

These words sounded equally arrogant and audacious, but since Kylo had made this decision, the Hesses had made this decision together with him, so they could not doubt Palmer Group.

This was not only a principle they had to follow, but also the confidence they had.

It was true that they weren’t really confident, because just like a game of poker, nobody knew who would win or lose until the very end.

From the looks of it now, Tom Foster seemed to have something really big coming up, but nobody could even see anything good about this company.

Everyone was anxious, uneasy, nervous and slightly regretful, but there was no turning back now.

They could only wait to see how Palmer Group reacted and what the Salos were going to do.

Every minute that passed was agony to Kylo, and he felt so suffocated.

Both of them didn’t sleep the entire night because they were waiting for more news.

The news arrived in the morning.

The Salos had looked up several families the whole night, but everyone had made the same choice as the Hesses.

They had all turned the Salos down.

The complacent and snooty attitude of the Salos had made all of them angry, so they were now all against the Salos together. Even if they had to suffer an attack from the Salos, they were willing to!

The other person who didn’t sleep all night was Reagan.

He really didn’t expect things to turn out this way. These were the people who used to grovel at his feet, and now their attitude had turned 180 degrees.

They dared to refuse him and they dared to turn him down.

“Mr Reagan, do we attack?”

Reagan didn’t say anything.



By wiping all of them out?

If they all joined hands, it wouldn’t be easy for the Salos to attack them. Besides, there was also Palmer Group!

He felt as if he was in a dead end, and it seemed like he was the one who had walked right into it.

Reagan suddenly realized that this was a trap laid by Tom Foster all along!


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