Billionaire God of War Chapter 1921

Chapter 1921

If Reagan really said that he would go up against all these families and take revenge, these families would join hands and retaliate.

On top of that, even Palmer Group wouldn’t sit still and join hands with them too. This way, they could both defeat the Salos and also become closer allies with these families.

This trap…

Reagan had only realized it now.

“This fellow is really scheming!” he muttered through gritted teeth.

He knew that he had really underestimated all these Orientals. He thought that Tom Foster was just a small fry from Palmer Group, but he had made a wrong guess.

Tom Foster was no small fry. The less information there was on him, the more it showed that Tom Foster was no simple character.

There was actually someone this formidable in Palmer Group.

Reagan got up and started pacing his room.

In front of him was a trap, and behind him was a bottomless pit.

Regardless of what decision he made, he had already lost all his business partners. He also refused to humble himself to beg them to come back to his side either.

The only thing he could do now was to see what Palmer Group was trying to do.

Were they trying to fight the Salos to the bitter end, or did they just want something?

Reagan didn’t think Palmer Group was powerful enough to do the former. Fighting the Salos to the bitter end was a dumb idea, and nobody with sufficient power would do such a thing.

The subordinates in front of him didn’t dare to say anything.

They all knew that if Reagan was pacing the room like this, he was in deep thought and trying to make a decision.

Reagan didn’t want anyone to disturb him now. He had a bad temper and he was already very angry too.

After a long time, Reagan couldn’t reach any decision. He waved his hands and his subordinates immediately nodded and quietly left.

They knew that Reagan needed more time to make the correct decision.

This Tom Foster was really not simple.

Reagan sat down again. The coffee on the table was already cold.

He suddenly looked up and saw that Hailey was standing in front of him. “What’s wrong?”

“You’ve run into trouble.”

Hailey’s expression was a little complex.

She wasn’t sure what sort of expressions or emotions she should display in front of this man. He was her father after all, and she also found out that Reagan had given up some important things in order to save her.

He actually still cared a lot about her.

“It has nothing to do with you,” said Reagan coldly.

He had always spoken in this sort of tone.

Hailey was already used to it.

“Do you really always have to talk to me like this?” Hailey scoffed quietly. “I know it has nothing to do with me, but it has something to do with you, right?”

Reagan’s heart trembled and he looked seriously at Hailey.

He could see that Hailey looked a little upset.

“This is a matter for the adults. You children stay out of it.”

Hailey laughed and her laughter sounded self-deprecating.

“You always treat me as a child,” she shook her head. “But I’m already all grown up.”

Reagan frowned.

He wasn’t in the mood to talk to Hailey about all this. He now needed to think about the advancement and profits for the clan, and not about her feelings.

“Alright now, I don’t want to talk to you about these things,” said Reagan impatiently and didn’t give Hailey the chance to say more. “It’s getting late, you’d better get some sleep.”

Hailey opened her mouth to say something but held it back in the end. She glared angrily at Reagan, then left without saying anything.

She was really disappointed.

Those few sentences from Hailey made Reagan even more frustrated.

He turned to look at the coffee cup on the table, then picked it up suddenly and smashed it to the floor.

The cup shattered into several pieces.

The glass gleamed brightly under the lights.

They reflected the threatening and indignant expression on Reagan right now.


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