Billionaire God of War Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923

“Let’s go.” Reagan suddenly got up and his subordinates were stunned. “Let’s go meet with Mr Foster.”

All his subordinates were really stunned now.

What did Reagan mean by that?

Was he going to take the initiative to look for Tom Foster?

That was putting himself in a lower position!

“Get the car.” Reagan just waved his hand without explaining.

He was going to meet Tom Foster no matter what.

He had gotten his men to keep an eye on Tom Foster, so they knew where he was. Tom Foster didn’t purposely conceal his whereabouts either, otherwise there was no way Reagan would be able to locate him.

He was clearly waiting for Reagan to come and look for him to negotiate things.

The roads in this area were very clean and there was no trash at all.

The residents were well mannered and the city was rather refreshing.

Being well mannered was a concept that came out from such a city. But of course, to people like Tom Foster, being well mannered and being barbaric actually meant the same thing.

It was just a matter of how it was expressed.

“The girls in the office should like these things.” Tom Foster glanced at the skincare and cosmetics on the shelves. “We’ll take everything.”

“These too. Have the sales figures for this month come out yet?” asked Tom Foster. “Ask the director how much I need to reward you and I’ll buy all these for them.”

He brought his men and a truck along to walk the streets slowly. Every shop they went to was cleaned out.

All the shop assistants were so stunned by this sight. It was difficult to even get a customer since these items were expensive, but today, Tom Foster was behaving like some super tycoon!

But he didn’t look like a nouveau riche at all, and behaved elegantly.

“We’ll take everything.”


“Pack all these.”

“Is that all you have? That’s not enough.”

The street started getting very lively because many people were following Tom Foster’s entourage to see how much more he was going to buy.

All of a sudden, a few cars came driving in and many people’s faces paled when they saw the license plate numbers.

These cars belonged to the great Salo clan!

The cars stopped in front of a shop and blocked the entire way, but nobody dared to say anything.

The car doors opened and more than ten bodyguards came out first. They looked around cautiously and didn’t dare to be careless.

After that, one of the cars right in the middle opened and Reagan stepped out in a suit.

“They’re inside.”

Reagan nodded and motioned for the rest to wait outside while he went in with his hands behind his back.

The shopkeeper was already trembling. He never thought that someone from the Salos would ever enter his shop. And this particular gentleman was very famous in Europe!

Reagan walked into the shop to find that Tom Foster was seated and drinking water.

The men around him looked up at Reagan and became a little more wary, but they relaxed again when they saw that he had come in alone.

“Mr Foster, is shopping fun?” asked Reagan with a smile as he sat down across from Tom Foster. “Why didn’t you say hello since you’re here? I should help to play host.”

“I said hello already,” said Tom Foster with a laugh as he put his water down. “Otherwise, why else would you have come here?”

He had taken a great initiative in saying hello. He had cut off all of the Salo clan’s business partners, so of course he had already said hello.

“That’s true. You’re so famous, so I thought I should come and see you,” said Reagan.

“Looks like there’s no need to beat around the bush anymore. Mr Foster, I’ll just go straight to the point.”

“What exactly does Palmer Group want?”

He stared at Tom Foster and waited for an answer, but Tom Foster merely smiled, picked up his glass and took another mouthful.

This nonchalant action made Reagan frowned slightly.

He didn’t know what Tom Foster meant by that.

“I’ve come all the way here to express my sincerity. You mean it’s not enough to ask this question?”

“Oh no no,” said Tom Foster. “I’m just thinking about how I should answer your question.”


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