Billionaire God of War Chapter 1924

Chapter 1924

“Oh, I’ve thought of it,” Tom Foster tapped a finger. “What we want is very simple.”

“What is it?” asked Reagan.

“Everything,” said Tom Foster very flippantly. “We want everything.”

Reagan’s expression changed.


That was too ambitious!

“I’m not entirely sure what everything would encompass, and it might change anytime. But it will only increase and not decrease,” continued Tom Foster as he completely disregarded Reagan’s expression. “As long as my Big Boss wants it, I will get it for him. All of us here will get it for him.”

“If anyone stands in our way, then I’m sorry but we’ll make him disappear, regardless of who he is.”

“Even if it’s the Salo clan?” Reagan stood up and his voice was grim as he stared dead straight at Tom Foster.

Tom Foster remained seated and he had a faint smile on his face, but there was also a tinge of disdain in his eyes. “The Salos? What difference does it make?”

Reagan slammed his palm against the table and the ten odd bodyguards dashed in from outside.

The atmosphere immediately became very tense.

But Tom Foster only looked up at Reagan and looked even colder than before.

If Reagan had remained calm and emotionless, then perhaps Tom Foster would have admired him a little. But it looks like Reagan was temperamental and emotional even.

“You’re in Europe!” said Reagan. “It’s not that easy to get whatever you want done here.”

“Is that so?” said Tom Foster. “I feel that it’s been pretty easy so far, no?”

He was talking about poaching all of the Salo clan’s business partners. That happened pretty easily.

That happened too easily.

Reagan’s expression was livid, but he felt his heart tremble when he saw how calm Tom Foster was, and felt like he had walked into another trap.

He took a deep breath and tried to suppress his anger.

Now he understood even more about how terrifying this Tom Foster really was.

“Who is your Big Boss?” Reagan suddenly recalled what Tom Foster said earlier.

“You’ve seen him before.”

Tom Foster’s answer was very simple, but Reagan was stunned. He had seen him before?

Who was it?

He had seen the person behind Palmer Group?

He didn’t think so.

But before he could answer, Tom Foster got up and stretched a hand out politely. “Excuse me, but I have to go.”

He then walked out of the shop without even casting Reagan a glance.

It was as if Reagan was nothing to him now.

Reagan watched Tom Foster leave and didn’t do anything.

“Mr Salo, do you need us to take them down?” asked his subordinates coldly.

But Reagan shook his head.

Take them down?

It was too hard to take them down, and even if they did, so what?

His opponent was Palmer Group, not Tom Foster. Tom Foster was just an employee, so killing him wouldn’t solve anything. The scarier part was that there was another boss above Tom Foster.

And someone as brilliant as Tom Foster was actually willing to work under this boss.

Reagan frowned and his expression was extremely stern.

He felt like he had made many mistakes. It seemed like he was wrong right from the start, and he was extremely wrong!

“Palmer Group…Palmer Group…”

Reagan mumbled these two words to himself and suddenly realized that he knew too little about Palmer Group. These two words had just reached the Third World, but it was already a name that struck fear in people’s hearts in many other regions!

He didn’t say anything and just walked out of the shop and into his car.

“Go back!” commanded Reagan.

Everyone got back into their cars and disappeared in moments.


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