Billionaire God of War Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925

Reagan reached home and locked himself in the study without coming out all day.

He sat inside like a statue without moving at all. His threatening looking expression looked rather terrifying under the dim light.

Tom Foster’s response made him angry, but now, he felt more indignation.

He never thought that he would be so despised by someone else.

And he had been despised by a nobody!

Palmer Group was a company that came out of nowhere and became such a huge conglomerate in just a year.

After he had properly sorted and analyzed all the information before him, he finally felt shocked.

This was definitely not something that an ordinary company could achieve.

“Who is this Big Boss?” Reagan couldn’t figure it out at all.

Someone with Tom Foster’s manner should have been a big shot and high flier himself. But he actually had a bigger boss than himself?

Reagan felt his hair stand on end.

He had underestimated Palmer Group and their prowess.

All the choices and decisions he made right at the start had only led him right into Tom Foster and Palmer Group’s trap.

Palmer Group was pushing the Salos into a corner business wise, and this was only the beginning. Reagan was sure that since Palmer Group wanted everything, then they weren’t going to stop at this.

“This is really tricky.” Reagan rapped a finger gently on the table as a look of conflict and hesitation flashed through his eyes several times.

After a long time, he smashed a fist into the table and the glass of water on it shook violently.

“I need a bargaining chip.”

Just after he said that, a voice came from the darkness, “Do you want to retrieve the other page?”

“Yes, I do,” nodded Reagan. “I need this as collateral. I don’t think we can get the previous page back anymore. Once the Chinese are involved, then we’ll be ousted from this circle just like what the rumors say.”

The expression on his face grew grimmer and grimmer.

He didn’t know what Palmer Group wanted in corporate terms, but he had a sense that someone wanted the Extreme Fist Technique Manual very badly.

Like that Krishan!

That Chinese man who had come here with Jimmy back then. The previous page was definitely with him.

Reagan had confirmed this after conducting an investigation.

He also found out how powerful Krishan really was.

“Sure, I’ll get it done,” said the low and deep voice in the shadows.

“I’ll do it this time,” Reagan shook his head. “The cemetery code is with me, so I should go by myself.”

The darkness did not reply to him.

Reagan got up and walked to the window. He pulled the curtains back and looked out at the dark night sky. There were a few stars in the sky, so while it was rather dark, it was bright enough to see.

He didn’t say anything and his eyes faltered. Then he walked out of the house without even bringing a single bodyguard with him.

Reagan drove himself to the cemetery.

He didn’t drive too quickly as he was still thinking about other things and was clearly a little distracted.

When he reached the cemetery, Reagan stopped the car and opened the trunk. There were some tools inside with soil on them. It was clear that these tools had been used before.

“You’re here again,” came a voice behind him.

Reagan didn’t even turn around and continued to get his equipment together. “I have to.”

“You’ve done this sort of thing again and again. Aren’t you afraid of retribution?”

“The west doesn’t believe in such a thing.” Reagan slung the gunny sack and carried the shovel as he turned to look at the disheveled cemetery caretaker. “We only care for our own benefit.”

“There’s no such thing as spirits and demons, only money and power.”

He then walked into the cemetery as if he hadn’t seen the cemetery caretaker and didn’t care about what he said.


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