Billionaire God of War Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928

Besides highly skilled fighters like Shawn and the rest as well as the martial artists training within Extreme Martial Arts Academy, there were also the rest of the people who lived in this city!

The Palmer family were the people they respected the most and were most grateful too. Ethan’s arrival had completely changed Greencliff for the better, so this city had become its residents’ pride and joy.

When the news of Diane’s pregnancy broke, the entire city rejoiced and waited with great anticipation as they all quietly worked together to protect the Palmer family, Diane, as well as the fetus growing inside her.

“Be good and just sit here and do some reading, I’ll go down for a while,” instructed Ethan.

He went down and saw that Butler Zed was greeting William and April over some tea.

“Mr. Hunt.”

Ethan walked over and just sat down.

“Zed, what’s the situation?”

The two of them didn’t need to go through any unnecessary greetings. Time was precious.

“The last page should have appeared already,” said Butler Zed as he pursed his lips. “Tom is going after it and the Salos have made use of every resource they have to go after it as well. Do we make a move?”

Ethan fell silent for a few moments.

“No need.”

“No need?” Butler Zed was surprised.

He knew how important this Extreme Fist Technique Manual was, especially to Ethan. The secrets behind this manual could have something to do with Master Eraqus.

And Master Eraqus was both Ethan’s Master, as well as one of the most important people in his life.

But now Ethan was saying that there was no need.

“Yup. Let them go fight it out.”

Ethan laughed and looked back upstairs. Butler Zed got the message immediately.

He laughed and gently stroked his beard. “Indeed, nothing is more important than this.”

Nothing was more important than Diane and his child, so Ethan didn’t want to leave Greencliff or Diane’s side just because of the manual.

It didn’t matter even if the last page was right in front of him.

“How’s the child doing?” asked Butler Zed with a smile instead of continuing the original topic.

“The last check was fine.” Even Ethan grew a little nervous when it came to talking about his child. “I’m always so nervous every time she gets a checkup.”

It was hard for anyone to believe that Ethan would say something like this, but Butler Zed knew that this was the real Ethan.

No matter how powerful or invincible he became out there, at home, he was a husband and a father, so family was his greatest responsibility.

“Don’t worry, everyone goes through this. We all can’t wait for your child to be born,” said Butler Zed.

“During this time, I’ll leave everything to you guys. I just need you to follow the last page closely and keep an eye on its movement. As long as we know where it is, everything is still within our control,” said Ethan.

One page more or one page less didn’t make much of a difference to him.

Even if he didn’t go out there to follow up on this himself, he could guess where things were going.

Right now, things would depend on Krishan.

He just hoped that anything else would only happen after his child was safely born.

Butler Zed didn’t stay for too long and left shortly after that.

Ethan saw him out and frowned slightly when he saw some dark clouds gathering in the sky.

For some reason, he had a strange feeling in his heart. It seemed like the matter that these nine pages would bring about was way beyond his imagination.

But at the same time, it seemed like he was destined to face it.

It was just like how Master Eraqus had chosen to sacrifice himself and used his sacrifice to remind Ethan while using his blood to warn him as well.

“Ethan, what’s wrong?” Diane’s voice came from behind him.

She walked over to him and looked up at the graying skies as she rubbed her tummy. “What did Zed say?”

“Nothing much. He just misses the tea in our house.”


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