Billionaire God of War Chapter 1929

Chapter 1929

Diane just laughed and didn’t probe further.

She looked into the distance with Ethan. It looked like it was going to rain.

It hadn’t rained in a long time in Greencliff, and the weather was getting ridiculously stuffy.

“Alright now, don’t just keep standing. You’ve got to sit down and rest after taking a short walk.”

Ethan reached out and put it around Diane’s waist.

He was so gentle that he seemed so different from when they first met.

Diane just listened to him and didn’t insist that she was fine or that she was only a few months’ pregnant and didn’t need to be babied like this.

That was because she knew that Ethan was very concerned for her and cared for her deeply.

She wasn’t going to disappoint the care and concern he had for her.

“What should we name our child?”

“I haven’t thought about it. What about you?”

“I haven’t thought about it either.”

The two of them exchanged glances.

They didn’t even know whether they were expecting a boy or a girl, so they would probably have to think about a suitable name only after the child was born.

Ethan wasn’t too concerned over a name. He just wanted his child to grow up healthily and happily. That was the most important.

He didn’t want his child to go through the sort of suffering he did.


Even though the Salos had sealed off every possible route, the cemetery caretaker still disappeared.

It was as if he had just disappeared into thin air and left no traces behind at all.

Reagan was furious.

“Trash! All of you are nothing but trash!”

“There are so many of you but you can’t even find one cemetery caretaker? Then what’s the point of hiring so many of you?”

“Find him! Keep trying!”

Reagan was growing hysterical and he felt like killing all his useless subordinates. But this wouldn’t dispel his anger either.

He didn’t even know how the Salos had reached such a point.

Palmer Group was edging closer and closer to them in terms of business. They seemed to be going slow, but when they launched an attack, they would bite a huge chunk of flesh off the Salos!

Meanwhile, he had dug out the last page of the manual in hope that it could become his bargaining chip, but he had lost that too.

What other advantage did he have?

He wasn’t even fit to negotiate with Palmer Group now. Reagan couldn’t believe it.

The Salos were one of the major powers of the Third World. They were one of the top conglomerates in the world and had unlimited access to resources. That’s how they controlled the world for centuries.

But now, they had actually come to a point where they had to negotiate with someone else on their own initiative?

What a joke!

What a tragedy!

Reagan was trembling all over and his face was pale from his anger.

“Who on earth is he?”

He really wanted to know who the Big Boss backing Tom Foster was.

He must have been the one who had been controlling all this from behind the scenes.

He couldn’t even see through Tom Foster, never mind the mysterious Big Boss behind him.

But Tom Foster said that he had seen his Big Boss before.

Reagan sat there and tried to think about all the people he had seen recently. But everyone he had seen recently were all familiar faces, and there were no unfamiliar faces among them.

All of a sudden, he grabbed the armrests of his chair tightly and the veins on his forehead began to bulge.

“It’s him?”

Reagan suddenly thought of it.


During this period of time, he had only met one stranger, and he was Chinese too.

That was the man that Hailey brought back home. Was he the Big Boss of Tom Foster?

The one behind Palmer Group?

The one who could change the power balance of the Third World?

How could that be?

Ethan was so young, and he didn’t seem to be someone in power at all. When he shouted at Ethan, Ethan didn’t even retaliate.

How could such a person be…

“Get Hailey here!” shouted Reagan without thinking too much.

Hailey appeared in no time.

She had no idea what Reagan wanted with her. This was probably the first time he had called for her all these years.

“That man the last time,” Reagan went straight to the point. “The Chinese man you brought back. Who is he?”


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