Billionaire God of War Chapter 1931

Chapter 1931

Reagan froze for a while. This place was in China?

This mysterious country always made him feel fearful. He felt like there was always this layer of mist over it and he couldn’t see clearly nor see through it.

This time, he had been hit hard by a company from China too. Palmer Group had attacked the Salos so strongly and aggressively.

Before he even realized it, the clan had already walked into Palmer Group’s trap.

The scariest part was that the only person that Palmer Group had sent so far was Tom Foster.

There was no information on this man at all.

But he ended up being even more frightening than any of his previous opponents.

It went without saying that the Big Boss behind Tom Foster was even more mysterious and unfathomable.

Reagan frowned and looked into the darkness.

“Do you want to go?” he asked after a long time.

“I must go.” The voice was trembling slightly. It was trembling with indignation!

It was trembling with fury!

And with intense murderous intent!

Reagan took a deep breath and nodded.


He just said this without asking any further.

Reagan knew very well what sort of man was the one hiding in the darkness. He had protected Reagan for many years now.

He had saved Reagan purely by coincidence. Reagan didn’t know who he was or where he came from. He just knew that this man was terrifyingly powerful.

The fact that he could survive such severe injuries was already a miracle.

But what frightened him more was the person who actually managed to injure him this severely!

Reagan made preparations and didn’t say anything anymore. He had to get the manual back partly so that the Salos would continue to have a bargaining chip and something to fall back on in the future.

But it was also because he could sense that the secret behind the manual was worth obsessing over.

He knew he shouldn’t be greedy, but all businessmen were greedy!

When a huge profit was placed right in front of him, it was hard for him to suppress the itch inside.

And it was even more so because he knew that this profit could possibly turn his clan into a phenomenon, and turn himself into a legend!


The cemetery caretaker was still nowhere to be found.

Tom Foster had already gotten the message from Butler Zed. Ethan’s message was very clear. He would remain behind the scenes regarding this matter, and would not make any appearance.

At the moment, Diane and his child were the most important to Ethan.

Nothing else could compare to them.

This was also a test of everyone else’s capabilities.

All these people had followed Ethan for so long, so it was high time they helped Ethan to share some of his burden.

Besides, they knew that Ethan wasn’t washing his hands off them completely but he was still supporting them from behind and giving them enough confidence to do what they needed to do.

Tom Foster looked up at the slightly sloppy looking Harkness standing in front of him.

“No news at all? That’s really strange.”

The Assassins Group information network was so wide, so there was no place in the world that could possibly be hidden from them.

They could even infiltrate top powers in the Third World, so how did one cemetery caretaker disappear under their noses like that?

“Did you think that cemetery caretaker is an ordinary person?” scoffed Harkness.

The last time he went to the cemetery with Ethan, he found that the conversation between Ethan and the cemetery caretaker was very strange.

It seemed as if the cemetery caretaker knew who Ethan was, but it was obvious that Ethan had never met the cemetery caretaker before.

Now that the cemetery caretaker had snatched the manual away and disappeared into thin air, Harkness had a funny feeling about it.

He felt that this had something to do with Ethan.

Tom Foster didn’t say anything.

It was clear that the cemetery caretaker was no ordinary person. Otherwise, how would he have disappeared without a trace in front of the Salos?

But if even the Assassins Group couldn’t find him either, then this was very strange indeed.


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