Billionaire God of War Chapter 1932

Chapter 1932

“I’m thinking of a way to find out,” said Harkness. “Actually, I think I have a rough idea of where this fellow would go.”

“Oh?” Tom Foster looked up.

He changed his position and looked seriously at Harkness.

“This time round, unless he really has no choice, Big Boss isn’t going to do anything. You should know that nothing is more important than his wife and child right now.”

As long as Ethan stayed by Diane’s side, they were definitely safe!

Besides, Ethan must have made this decision because Ethan had predicted something that made him do this, and he couldn’t afford anything to go wrong at all.

After all, while Greencliff was already well fortified, it was only useful against ordinary people.

What if there was a wicked person who was close to Ethan’s level, or the same as Ethan, or even…higher than Ethan?

Tom Foster didn’t dare to think about this, but he had to list out every possible scenario and consider all aspects.

He had to do this even if some things sounded impossible.

“I know, and I really don’t know why Ethan is being so careful,” grumbled Harkness. He knew Ethan well and knew that besides describing Ethan as an invincible man, he couldn’t find any other words to describe this man. “But who could possibly threaten this mother and child when Greencliff is already like this?”

He shrugged and looked at Tom Foster’s expression, then suddenly frowned.

“You’re kidding,” Harkness’s expression immediately became stern. “Is that possible?”

“In the past it was impossible, but now…” Tom Foster shook his head. “All nine pages of the manual have appeared, so it’s hard to say what will happen now.”

They weren’t even worried about Krishan. That cemetery caretaker was way too mysterious.

Harkness suddenly felt a chill down his spine and a strange sense of impending danger suddenly overwhelmed his heart.

His heart suddenly started pounding wildly.

“I know how to track down that cemetery caretaker.” He took a deep break and seemed to have thought of something.

“The Salos definitely know of some way.” Harkness looked at Tom Foster. “Someone snatched this away from him so publicly and got away even though they’ve sent so many people after him. This isn’t just a problem of reputation anymore.”

“Reagan is a greedy character, so only he can give up on something he doesn’t want, but he would never allow anyone to take anything from him.”

“Besides, that cemetery belongs to the aristocratic families. Reagan probably knows a thing or two about where this caretaker comes from in the first place. They will try to hunt him down, and we just need to follow Reagan.”

Tom Foster nodded and got up immediately.

“Why are you still standing there?”

They could not delay anymore because Reagan probably already took action, and he would probably do this in secret.

They didn’t waste any more time. Harkness immediately sent the two members who were best at tailing people to tail Reagan, and to make sure they didn’t overlook any details.

On the other side, Greencliff suddenly went into a state of emergency.

Butler Zed raised the security level to the highest, so besides the usual mode of defense they were already on, Shawn and the other grandmasters would live in the adjacent bungalows to the Palmer bungalow in order to be able to reach the Palmer house in the shortest time possible.

But Diane found all of this rather strange.

“Everyone seems a little tense lately.”

She looked at Shawn and Ivan playing chess not too far away. Normally these two were immersed in practicing martial arts, so it was strange that they were into playing chess again.

“They’re not tense, they just can’t wait,” laughed Ethan. “You’re their disciple and you’re pregnant now. Once you give birth, our little one will have to call them ‘Grandpa’ too. Of course they’re all excited.”

He glanced at Ivan and Shawn.

“Do you think our child should learn boxing from Uncle Clark or high kicks from Elder Tanner?”

Diane tilted her head as she rested her chin on her palm and looked like she was in deep thought.

“Don’t we have any other choices?”


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