Billionaire God of War Chapter 1934

Chapter 1934

“That’s not quite possible,” Evan shook his head.

He wasn’t trying to defend Krishan. It was just that he knew that while Krishan was a rather malicious and inhumane character, he was still merciful towards his fellow family members.

Besides, there was no reason for him to do such a thing.

Krishan was powerful enough to go in and out of the house without any problems. There was no need to kill anybody.

In fact, some of the younger ones in the family were still reverent towards him.

“Then who is it? Who has the ability to enter Minstrel Mount and kill off more than ten members of our clans?” The head of the Sima snorted and was furious. “When did the eight reclusive clans ever suffer such humiliation?”

Evan glanced up at him.


When one wasn’t powerful enough, then humiliation would keep coming again and again. Ethan had taught him that a long time ago.

So he had to make sure that he became powerful enough.

Everyone had to do the same, even if they were supposed to be powerful reclusive clans of martial artists.

“This happened after that last earthquake, so I think we ought to take a look into the depths of this mountain.”

He took a deep breath and looked around at the rest.

“I agree that we ought to take a look, but the depths of the mountain forest…” The head of the Fortune clan frowned. “Our forefathers warned us never to go to the deep part of the mountain after sundown, so nobody has dared to venture out there over all these years. Even if you go during the day, it’s hard to guarantee that one can make it back before nightfall.”

Nobody had gone into the deep part of Minstrel Mount before.

Or rather, people did go there from time to time, but none of them made it out after that.

This was a rule that the eight reclusive clans knew about and kept for the last few hundred years. It was as if something really terrifying was hiding in the deep part of the mountains.

Now that all nine pages had reportedly surfaced, it made everyone even more terrified and they all had a bad feeling about this.

While Evan and the rest were still discussing this matter, they could hear footsteps coming in from outside.

“Brother Geoff!” Evan immediately stood up and ran to the door. “You guys are here!”

Brother Geoff nodded.

“Harkness, did my Master say anything?” Evan turned to look at Harkness. He didn’t know what he should do now, but Ethan didn’t come and left them to decide.

He was afraid that he would handle it poorly and embarrass Ethan.

“He did say some things.” Harkness looked around at the heads of the other reclusive clans. “Everyone, please choose some of your best youths and send them all to Greencliff.”

All of them were stunned. What was that supposed to mean?

“Ethan said that?”

“That’s right. Send them over. Nobody knows what will eventually happen here.” Harkness had a rare grim expression on his face and wasn’t joking around at all. “In the past, Minstrel Mount was completely hidden away, but it’s hard to say what will happen in the future. It’s best that you leave some descendants in Greencliff so that you can ensure the survival of your clans.”

Everyone paled at these words.

Had things already become so serious?

They might face a wipe out of their clans?

How did things become like this?

“What’s going on now?”

“Nothing, really. We’re just planning for the worst case scenario. No matter what happens, we’ll keep it within Minstrel Mount and resolve it within this place, so it won’t affect anything outside of the mountain.”

There was a harsh look in Harkness’s eyes.

He decided that he had to get the entire Assassins Group to base themselves around Minstrel Mount as a final line of defense.

Ethan used to say that different circles had different rules.

He used to think that Ethan was only referring to developed cities, but it seemed like that wasn’t the case.

The heads of the various reclusive clans looked rather grim. Some of them were panicky, some were nervous, some were in disbelief and some were doubtful, but they all soon calmed down after that.

They were all capable of leading their clans, so they wouldn’t allow themselves to be affected so easily.

“Has everyone calmed down?” Harkness had purposely given them some time to absorb all this. He looked at them and said, “If you’ve all calmed down, then don’t waste any more time and get this done. Pick out your best youths and send them out of Minstrel Mount with all the research and studies you’ve done right now!”


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