Billionaire God of War Chapter 1935

Chapter 1935

The atmosphere was somber.

Nobody thought that things would suddenly turn for the worse, and nobody expected things to be this bad.

The heads of all the clans looked at one another.

It never crossed their minds that something like this could happen when they were so well hidden within Minstrel Mount.

This was supposed to be their hiding place, but it seemed like it was about to become a battlefield. But what about the enemy?

Who was the enemy?

“The most important thing now is to find out what’s the situation at the deep part of the mountain,” said Evan. “Brother Geoff, I intend to go to the deep section to take a look.”

“Master Drake, that’s too dangerous!” one of the Drake clan elders quickly stood up to advise him against it.

“That’s right. Our forefathers have never allowed us to enter the deep section, especially at night. Once you go in, you might never come out again.”

The heads of the other reclusive clans all shook their heads.

They had to listen to what their forefathers had told them.

When night fell, the deep section of the mountain became a terrifying bottomless pit!

Anyone who went in was definitely going to die.

“We’ll go in.” Brother Geoff remained expressionless and he didn’t even flinch.

There was no sign of fear or hesitation on his face at all.

“You’re the head of the Drake clan and you’re also Big Boss’ disciple, so you should not put yourself at risk like this. We’ll go,” said Brother Geoff very calmly.

“And it’s ok for you guys to put yourselves at risk like that?” Evan’s eyes reddened. “Brother Geoff, are you despising me?”

His breathing started to quicken.

Evan knew that Brother Geoff was trying to protect him.

But he was no longer a child. He was the head of the Drake clan and was also Ethan’s disciple!

He couldn’t embarrass Ethan!

Even if he had to die, he had no fear!

Brother Geoff laughed and punched Evan lightly in the chest.

“Big Boss has a special mission for you.”

He looked at the rest and said, “The nine pages are going to be gathered in no time, so we’ll need all eight reclusive clans to work closely together in order to crack the secret behind the manual in the shortest time possible.”

“So all of you are to remain on standby, and once all the pages are gathered, you have to unravel the secret behind this manual.”

“As for going into the deep section of the mountain to check out what happened with that earthquake, we’ll be in charge of that.”

Brother Geoff said all these things very nonchalantly, but the heads of the reclusive clans felt that the wolves were basically sending themselves to die!

They were going to walk into their own graves with no hesitation too!

“Brother Geoff…”

Evan’s eyes were even redder now.

Brother Geoff and the wolves were like his own elder brothers. All this time, they had been the ones who took care of him and protected him.

Even though his position was higher than theirs, he always showed them respect.

“Getting your own job done will be the best thing you can do to help Big Boss,” said Brother Geoff calmly.

Ethan had his own reasons for not coming out to do this, and the wolves never thought about these things.

They just knew that doing the mission they were given well would be of the greatest help to Ethan. Using his brains wasn’t something that Brother Geoff was good at doing anyway.

“Got it!” Evan nodded seriously. “I will not disappoint Master!”

Nobody wasted any more time.

The heads of all eight reclusive clans quickly pulled together everything they knew about the deep section and gave it to the wolves in hope that it would prepare them sufficiently.

Entering the deep section was no joking matter. They would be worried even if Ethan went in, and this time, only the wolves were going in.

But they had to go in.

That was because the Salos had already headed into that part of the mountain, which meant that the cemetery caretaker had brought the manual in as well.

Since one page of the manual had been brought into the deep section, they had to get it out again.

Harkness and the wolves quickly made all the necessary preparations, packed sufficient food and water, then headed into the deep section of the mountain.

Evan gathered everyone from all the reclusive clans and worked hard to solve the mystery of the manual.

They couldn’t let the wolves take such a big risk without supporting them from behind!


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