Billionaire God of War Chapter 1936

Chapter 1936

“We must crack the secret of the manual!”

Evan watched as the wolves disappeared into the distance and clenched his fists tightly.

Minstrel Mount was a very mysterious range of mountains.

According to the information from the eight reclusive clans, this mountain range covered several kilometers and it had been many years since anyone had ventured into the deepest section.

“The Assassins Group doesn’t have any information on this section, and any information it has is all public information, so it’s not classified or anything like that.” Harkness’ expression looked relaxed, but he didn’t dare to let his guard down at all.

This area was a place where even modern technology was unable to track or reach, and it was also a mysterious place where most people would never be able to explore, so he felt that he had to be as careful as possible.

Fear always came from the unknown.

To most people, the scariest sort of place was a place that they knew nothing about.

But Harkness and the wolves were people who had seen a lot of things in life and had survived deadly battles.

They were willing to put aside their lives because their hearts only believed in Ethan!

“This little path can barely be considered a path.” Number Four looked into the distance. According to the information from the Fortune clan, someone had walked along this path before, but halfway through, he turned and went back home instead.

He had been too afraid to go any further.

“Someone’s been here.” Brother Geoff took a closer look and everyone was immediately wary.

Nobody knew if the person who came by was from the Salos, the cemetery caretaker or Krishan.

It was hard to say.

“Let’s go!” Brother Geoff didn’t hesitate and led the way down this path filled with weeds and thorns very quickly.

Everyone else followed behind him closely as they continued to watch their surroundings carefully.

A top assassin like Harkness was extremely sensitive to the surroundings, so he would guarantee that they would be able to notice anything amiss very quickly.

The group of men soon disappeared into the forest.


Much closer to the deep section of the mountain compared to the wolves.

Reagan was panting away and his entire body was already covered with sweat. His face had been scratched by many thorny plants along the way.

“Why is it so far away?” He clenched his teeth and looked at the back of the person in front of him. “Is the mountain you’re talking about all the way in?”

“That’s right.” That back view was as wide as a mountain and looked strong and steady, and his voice was a little weighty.

“How much further do we have to walk?”

“We’re almost there,” said that back view. He seemed to be answering Reagan and talking to himself at the same time. “We’re really nearly there…”

He had a mask over his face which made him look both creepy and threatening.

Besides seeing his face once when he was severely injured, Reagan had never seen his face again.

“Keats, as long as we find that mountain, we’ll be able to find that cemetery caretaker and take back the manual?”

Reagan climbed up from the ground. Besides this mysterious highly skilled fighter called Keats, Reagan had only brought a small team of five or six men, and two had already died along the way.

If they continued walking like this, he wasn’t sure if he could hold on either.

Great fortunes were earned in the midst of the crisis. Reagan had heard of that old saying before. Indeed, every investment was risky. He had decided on making this particular investment and now that he was already halfway through it, he couldn’t just give up like that.

“The things you will receive will be way beyond your imagination.”

Keats didn’t look back and didn’t intend to rest anymore, so he kept moving on.

He seemed to know his way very well. The path was overgrown with weeds and prickly bushes, but he was able to see clearly which way he ought to walk in order to reach his destination.

Reagan wanted to rest some more because his legs felt like lead weights, but Keats was nearly moving out of sight, so he didn’t dare to say anything and quickly ran to catch up with him.

He couldn’t leave Keats. If not for Keats, he would have died long ago…


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