Billionaire God of War Chapter 1937

Chapter 1937

The deeper into the mountain, the darker it was.

The huge and tall trees blocked out any sunlight and made the air very suffocating.

Reagan was panting more and more heavily as he looked up at the ominous looking trees above his head. The humid air almost made him faint.

“Keats…” he gritted his teeth. “We’re not there yet?”

They had walked for such a long time and he didn’t know how he had managed to endure it at all.

He kept himself physically fit, but his level of fitness was nothing compared to these real high level martial artists.

Even the bodyguards who came with him were covered in perspiration and their faces were pale.

But Keats didn’t even seem to be out of breath at all.

His footsteps remained steady and he walked with light steps. He didn’t look the slightest bit tired out.

“We’re nearly there.”

That was what he said earlier too.

They were nearly there.

He turned and glanced at Reagan. His icy cold stare made Reagan swallow everything he wanted to say and he could only ask in a soft voice, “Why don’t we rest for a while?”

He really couldn’t move anymore.

Reagan stretched his arm out and a bodyguard immediately took a water bottle from his bag to pass it to Reagan.

He had just taken two steps and was about to reach out when suddenly…

A shadow flashed past from the shrubs beside them and bit off the bodyguard’s arm with a loud crack!

There was blood everywhere!

“AHH!” the bodyguard screamed loudly. His arm had been bitten off from the elbow onwards.

That shadow had moved too quickly. After biting off that arm, it disappeared into the forest again. The bushes rustled noisily for a while before all was quiet again.

Reagan’s soul almost left him.

It wasn’t the first time this was happening. What was inside this forest?!

“Hurry up! Stop his bleeding! Hurry!” shouted Reagan. His other two bodyguards quickly pulled out their first aid items and dressed the injured bodyguard’s wound.

They were also in a panic.

After they entered the forest, two of them had already died, and they had both been attacked suddenly like this. It happened before they even realized what was going on.

If that wild beast bit his head earlier, he would have died on the spot!

Blood stained the ground and made the grass look rather grotesque.

Reagan was trembling all over and he suddenly didn’t want to go any further. The further he went, the more fearful he felt.

The deep end of the mountain felt like the mouth of a wild beast. Anyone who walked into it could forget about coming out again!

“Rest here?” said Keats. “That’s as good as feeding these animals.”

Reagan’s face paled.

Feeding these animals?

Those dark shadows? Those wild beasts?

What were those things?!

“Keats, what were those?”

“I don’t know either.” Keats shook his head. “Be careful. The mountains are full of beasts like leopards and tigers in the first place, especially the deep parts of the forest. It’s only normal to run into these wild animals here.”

He spoke very nonchalantly, but Reagan nearly died from fright.

He made sure his bodyguards protected him on all sides and the safety catch of their weapons were off so that they could make an attack anytime.

They didn’t dare to stick around for too long and quickly moved on.

A few kilometers away from them.

“Someone’s come here before, and there are bloodstains too.” Harkness’s nose twitched slightly. “Everyone, be careful!”

The wolves continued to remain cautious. They held daggers in their hands and were prepared to fight anytime.

There was a rustling sound that was coming from quite a distance, but because they were all experienced fighters, their pores immediately opened when they sensed it.

Harkness’s gaze turned cold and he was no longer that sloppy and flippant person he usually was. He now exuded a very aggressive air around him.

All of a sudden, he lifted his arm violently and shot out two throwing knives. His speed was astonishing!


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