Billionaire God of War Chapter 1938

Chapter 1938

The two throwing knives were like two cold beams of light that flashed by in an instant.

A muffled howl of pain was heard shortly after that, and the rustling in the bushes became panicked before completely disappearing.

“Humph! An animal dares to come close?” Harkness scoffed. “Despising us now? How dare you try to ambush us!”

Anybody else might not have been able to discover its movements, but of course Harkness could.

He was the King of Assassins after all!

He glanced at the wolves. They were still on high alert.

Their experience in the battlefield told them that they had to be alert at all times and could not afford to slack off at all, otherwise they might die any time.

“Continue to keep close watch!” said Brother Geoff. “What was that?”

“No idea.” Harkness shook his head. “But I can sense that this thing is pretty formidable.”

He turned to look at their surroundings. “There are many ferocious animals in this sort of deep forest, and Minstrel Mount has always been a mysterious one. Human civilization has existed for so many years now, but nobody has ever been able to explore this place before.”

Being careful was definitely the right way to go.

Even the eight reclusive clans didn’t dare to enter this place if possible, so that was a sign of how dangerous this place really was.

They were prepared to be wounded along the way in the first place.

“Be careful, let’s move on!” instructed Brother Geoff as he looked at the rest.

Harkness led the way because his sensitivities were much higher than the rest and he could detect anything amiss faster than the rest. Brother Geoff covered the back to make sure that no danger came from behind them.

The rest continued to maintain their formation so that they could attack and defend as one body. That was the best option.

Survival was most important in these dangerous places.

The forest was very dense and the huge trees blocked the sun, so no sunlight shone through at all.

If they weren’t carrying high tech equipment, they wouldn’t even know which direction they were headed in.

They continued to walk deeper into the forest, and the further they went, the more uneasy they felt.

That suffocating feeling would have killed anybody who wasn’t trained for this.

“Brother Geoff, what horrid place is this? It feels so awful and it’s getting hard to breathe,” cursed Number Five.

He was already covered in perspiration and the stuffiness made him feel like he was going to suffer a heatstroke.

Even though they were extremely fit, they were still getting tired by this point.

Brother Geoff looked at everyone else, then exchanged glances with Harkness. Harkness nodded.

“This area looks alright, let’s rest for a while first.” He looked around and saw that this area wasn’t so densely packed, so they could see any danger from a good distance away, which made it safer than most other parts of the forest.

They had no idea what lay ahead of them, so they had to take a rest and recharge first. If they just went ahead without resting and encountered something dangerous, they wouldn’t be able to deal with it in their current state.

They huddled together while a few of them kept watch on their surroundings.

Brother Geoff took out the information from the Fortune clan and laid it on the ground.

“The route mapped out on this paper only reaches till here and there’s no real road ahead after this. But we can follow the trails and continue to follow them,” said Brother Geoff. “These deep mountain forests are really creepy. I grew up in the mountains but I’ve never come across a place like this. We really have to be as careful as we can. So next we have to…”

Brother Geoff and the wolves continued to plan their route ahead carefully and seriously while ensuring that they were fully armed and prepared.

None of them were afraid to die, but nobody wanted to sacrifice themselves for no reason either.

If they were going to die meaningless deaths, then they might as well keep living. That was what Ethan said before.

As the group was discussing, a pair of eyes was staring at them from between the bushes.

There was a muffled sound coming from its throat. It was filled with extreme levels of greediness and bloodthirstiness!

It opened its mouth slightly and a strong smell of blood emerged from it!


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