Billionaire God of War Chapter 1939

Chapter 1939

Suddenly, there was a terrible roar and all the wolves were alarmed.

Harkness had just sensed it when he saw a dark shadow swiftly dart out from the bushes.

He didn’t hesitate and the throwing knives in his hands were always ready to shoot out.

He shot both knives out as quickly as lightning.

But the throwing knives only clanged as they hit the shadow and didn’t hurt the animal at all.

“Look out!” yelled Brother Geoff as he quickly pushed Harkness aside just in time to avoid a collision with the aggressive dark shadow coming towards him.

The black shadow smashed against the large tree that Harkness was standing in front of earlier and the impact caused a loud blast.

They could finally see exactly what this thing was.

It looked like a wild boar and its sharp tusks were huge and gleaming. This thing was enormous!

It looked like it weighed around 200 kilograms, but it still managed to move faster than Harkness. That was terrifying.

Its skin was so thick that even Harkness’s knives couldn’t penetrate it.

They couldn’t believe that something like that existed on this mountain.

“Watch out, guys!” Brother Geoff took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. His expression was extremely grim now. “This thing is not simple and it’ll kill anything!”

He had grown up in the mountains and had heard of such wild boars before. They were aggressive, violent and especially bloodthirsty!

He never thought that he would see a supposedly extinct wild beast that only the retired hunters knew about.

All of them stood in position with their daggers that were made from a special material and were sharper than most.

But even so, they didn’t dare to let their guard down. Harkness was even more wary since his throwing knives turned out to be useless against this thing.

The wild boar slid its trotters against the soil and its eyes were sinister and filled with murder.

It behaved as if this was its territory and any trespassers had to die and become its food!

“That thing on its teeth!” Harkness’s eyes were sharp and noticed that there was actually a finger stuck between its teeth. His face paled and his expression became even grimmer than before.

These deep mountains were really terrifying. Even a wild beast could be such a huge threat.

That finger probably belonged to those people who were ahead of them. Many of them were probably dead by now.

The wild boar didn’t give the wolves too much time to recover and suddenly darted out.

It was so fast!

It was way faster than anyone would think something of that size was capable of.

It was like the wind!

It reached the men almost in an instant and seemed more intent on killing Brother Geoff, because it didn’t like the way Brother Geoff looked at it.

“You bloody animal!” Brother Geoff grit his teeth and stepped aside to nimbly avoid collision with the wild boar before using his dagger to aim for the wild boar’s belly.

That was the weakest part of its body and it was the most well protected part of its body as well.

But Brother Geoff missed.

It was clear that this wild boar remained king of this part of the mountain because it was really formidable and it had gone through countless battles.

It pushed its trotter against the ground and flew more than ten meters forward. Brother Geoff couldn’t keep up with it at all.

“Scatter!” shouted Brother Geoff. “Don’t let it come at us all at once!”

This thing was fast, strong and very scheming. Anyone who got bitten by those sharp teeth would be at least paralyzed if not dead!

None of the men thought that the first danger they would encounter in this area would be a wild boar.

It was little wonder that the eight reclusive clans dared not go too deep into the mountains. No level of martial arts could prepare anyone for such a frightening wild beast.

The capabilities of this wild boar and its incredible speed was already too much for anyone to handle.

This thing was really terrifying!


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