Billionaire God of War Chapter 1940

Chapter 1940

All the men immediately stood apart and surrounded the wild boar. They continued to watch it carefully while maintaining a sufficient distance from it so that they would know immediately who it was attacking once it made a move.

It was going to be tough to counterattack since their weapons weren’t able to pierce its skin at all. If they were too rash in attacking it, they might die.

All of them exchanged glances. They had gone through so many battles now, so they were extremely well coordinated.

An animal was an animal after all, so even though its hide was thick, it didn’t have brains. It was scheming for a wild boar, but it wasn’t as intelligent as a human after all. Otherwise, the wolves were dead meat.

They were going to distract it with misleading actions and then chase this thing away!

They weren’t confident of killing it, but it was enough if they could at least chase it away.

None of them said anything and just motioned to each other with their eyes.

They all got the message.

Harkness was the first to make a move.

He ran towards the wild boar while throwing a few knives out towards the wild boar’s eyes.

“Go to hell, you stupid pig! I’m ready to eat a wild boar!”

The knives flew towards the wild boar quickly, but it swiftly turned its head, so the knives grazed its face instead. But it was enough to drive the wild boar mad.

It stomped its muscular trotters fiercely against the ground and made a crater in the soil as it flew towards Harkness.

Harkness’s eyes turned red.

How dare this mere animal look down on the King of Assassins!

He roared angrily as he flicked his wrist and a black dagger instantly appeared in his hands. Just before the wild boar reached him, he stretched an arm out to grab the hair on the wild boar’s neck while trying to stab the wild boar’s eye with his dagger.

“Damn it!” But before he could stab the wild boar, it shook its head violently and sent Harkness flying out instead.

“I’m going to kill this stupid pig!” cursed Harkness as he rolled awkwardly across the ground.

He was the King of Assassins and had never felt so embarrassed before.

But the wolves seized this chance to make their move.

They behaved like wild animals as they pounced towards the wild boar from both sides. Four of them were like four wolves as they grabbed the hair on the wild boar and stabbed their knives into its skin.

Their specially made daggers were stabbed hard into the wild boar, but the knives only managed to get one centimeter in.

“This monster!” cursed Number Five as his eyes reddened. “Bros! Hold on to this thing, I’m going to bloody kill it!”

They couldn’t believe that so many of them couldn’t deal with just one pig.

They held onto the wild boar tightly and used their daggers to stab hard into the wild boar’s stomach.

Blood spurted everywhere!

Brother Geoff never stopped trying to stab its stomach. He missed a few times and nearly stabbed his own thigh.

The wild boar continued to howl and screech as it started to struggle even more fiercely than before. Its trotter landed on Number Five’s waist and kicked him out.

“AHH!” Number Five cried out and rolled a few times on the ground.

The wild boar went crazy and flung the rest of them off its back before bounding towards Number Five. Brother Geoff pounced at it and clung onto its tusks and allowed it to just drag him along.

“I’m going to kill you!” roared Brother Geoff with a vicious look in his eyes. His cruel gaze made him look like a real wild beast, and he looked even more terrifying than the wild boar now.

He had already lost his dagger, so he used his fist to box the wild boar’s eyes again and again as ferociously as he could!

The wild boar struggled and tried to use its tusks to stab Brother Geoff to death, but Brother Geoff clung onto one tusk and used his free arm to bash the wild pig in the eyes continuously.

It kept howling away, and finally, one of its eyes burst from Brother Geoff’s punching.

It shook its head violently with a blood curdling screech and sent Brother Geoff flying.

Harkness and the rest quickly dashed over to stand in front of Brother Geoff.

The wild boar took several steps back and stared straight at these men. One of its eyes was bleeding profusely and its stare became more and more vicious.

But the men were staring at it even more viciously!


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