Billionaire God of War Chapter 1941

Chapter 1941

The wild boar took a step back.

It slowly took a few more steps back. One of its eyes had literally exploded from Brother Geoff’s punching and it couldn’t stop bleeding, so it was even more furious now.

But it also knew that if it continued to fight with these crazy men, it was probably going to die!

These men were even more like wild beasts than itself.

It eventually roared indignantly, then turned and tottered back into the depths of the forest.

The men continued to keep watch for several minutes before confirming that they were no longer in danger and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“My goodness…”

Brother Geoff collapsed to the ground and his limbs were still trembling. He wasn’t trembling because he was afraid, but because he had exerted too much strength.

“This beast is really scary!” Harkness was also panting heavily. He felt that this animal was scary not because it was large and strong, but because it could actually analyze the situation and decided to run off once it concluded that it was no match for the men.

Most other wild beasts would not have thought this way and would have just continued attacking them mindlessly.

“This place is really complicated.” He took a deep breath. “Even an animal is smarter than average. I don’t know what else we might run into as we walk further in.”

He could sense that the forest was only going to become more and more dangerous.

There was still a long way more before they reached the place where the earthquake occurred. It was going to be hard to get there, and some of them might even perish along the way.

“Everybody, remain vigilant. Wild beasts are nothing. The scariest thing in the world is still the hearts of men,” said Brother Geoff.

That was what Ethan taught them.

The only things they had encountered so far were wild beasts, but they knew that none of the men in front of them right now were good guys.

“Our mission is to find that page of the manual, and whether we can bring it back or not is a different story,” said Harkness. “Remember, while Ethan knows none of you are afraid to die, he doesn’t want any of you to perish. Do you get what I mean?”

“All of you aren’t just warriors, but guardians of Greencliff, so all of you must live on. Death is not frightening and we’re not afraid of it. But we must make sure it’s worth it, and we must make sure it’s significant.”

He knew that none of these men cared about their own lives when carrying out their missions.

Even if the road ahead was a firepit or led to death, they would all jump in as long as Ethan said so.

But Ethan was not someone who would send any of them to their death deliberately.

“We understand.” Brother Geoff nodded.

All of them knew their value and their significance.

They also knew that Ethan never treated them as mere tools, but treated them as proper human beings who were important to him.

After resting for a while, they didn’t hesitate any longer and continued on their journey.


Back in Greencliff.

Ethan had been standing in front of the window for the last half an hour already.

He didn’t move an inch and only frowned slightly as he looked in the direction of Minstrel Mount.

“They will run into danger,” said Ethan quietly. “But this is the path that they all must take.”

One had to experience certain things in life in order to go through a metamorphosis.

This was the last stage that the wolves had to go through in order to complete their transformation!

“What if one of them ends up dying?” asked Ivan from behind Ethan.

“It won’t happen.” Ethan was very certain. “They know that I wouldn’t allow them to die, so they will not die.”

If he didn’t allow it, it wasn’t going to happen.

He looked into the distance.

“Is everything ready?”

Ivan nodded. “All ready.”

“Both the Extreme Martial Arts Academy and the eight reclusive clans were ready. If what you say is true, then we will put in our best efforts.”

Professor Aronnax had managed to decode some parts of the etching on the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, and if the message he understood was accurate, then these pages were really bad news.

But there were some things that were destined to be, and they couldn’t change its fate.


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