Billionaire God of War Chapter 1944

Chapter 1944

Compared to the cemetery caretaker’s hysteria, Keats was very calm.

“I am the darkness, Keats, while you are the light, Porter. We are people from two different paths in the first place, so who cares about this oath? It doesn’t count at all.” He looked at the cemetery caretaker. “Porter, you’ve been too naïve.”

Keats took a step forward and stretched his arm out. “Hand it over.”

“Dream on.” The cemetery caretaker scoffed coldly. “There are nine pages to this manual. Even if you get this one page, it’s useless. That person will not give you a chance.”

He narrowed his eyes and Ethan’s face immediately came to mind.

If there was anybody in the world who could stop Keats, it would be Ethan.

But did Ethan know anything about this?

“Nobody can stop me.” Keats’s voice slowly grew icier and icier. He stepped lightly on the ground and flew out towards the cemetery caretaker.

This time, he flew faster, more ferociously and even more domineeringly!

There was a blast as the cemetery caretaker shrieked and flew right out. One arm flew into the air because Keats had chopped it right off the cemetery caretaker!

“AHH!” the cemetery caretaker screamed loudly. The arm that flew out was holding that last page of the manual.

He crashed onto the ground again and howled in pain. His hoarse blood curdling screams were filled with fury and indignation.

But Keats didn’t even look at him. He slowly walked over to the broken arm, bent down, pulled out the manual from its grip and looked at the page seriously.

“One page is enough.” He kept the page away. “It’s just an entrance ticket, so there’s no need to have so many.”

With that, Keats turned and left without bothering about the cemetery caretaker anymore. He left the poor man howling in pain on the ground behind him.

The cemetery caretaker shuddered all over as he watched Keats disappear into the darkness. His eyes rolled and he lost consciousness.

“Chase them away! Hurry!” Reagan was shouting away.

His two bodyguards were still trembling. This was the first time they felt that their guns had failed them!

They looked at the green eyes in the distance coming closer and closer to them, and despair began to overwhelm their hearts.

“We’re doomed…Mr Reagan, we’re doomed…” The bodyguards began to cry and were about to go through a nervous breakdown.

They looked at the immense number of green eyes in the darkness and they could imagine how they would be eaten by these wolves so cleanly that no bones would be left behind.

“Get lost!” a muffled and deep voice suddenly resounded from behind.

Reagan turned to see Keats walking right into this encirclement.

His eyes looked calm as he stared at all the wolves around him. An intense murderous aura was spewing from his body.

The leader of the pack roared angrily but didn’t dare to come closer. Instead, it reluctantly took a step back.

Once the leader of the pack retreated, the rest of the wolves retreated too. They soon returned to the forest and disappeared.

Reagan collapsed onto the ground and felt like his soul had nearly left his body. His entire body was soaked in perspiration. He was on the verge of a breakdown already and was so glad to be alive.

“Keats…thank you so much, Keats…” His throat was dry but he could actually manage to utter some words.

“I’ve got the manual,” said Keats.

Reagan could see nothing else but a pair of eyes under that mask. They looked calm, but they were even more frightening than those wolves earlier.

“You got it? That’s great!” Reagan took a deep breath and quickly said, “Keats, what do you want to do next? I will fully cooperate with whatever decision you make.”

He wasn’t stupid.

He knew that he couldn’t possibly own this manual at all. Even if someone wanted to give it to him, he wouldn’t dare to accept it.

If this Keats hadn’t happened to save his life back then, he would have been dead a long time ago.

“Of course I will need you to do a few things for me,” said Keats. “Once everything is done, you will get what you want. I will not shortchange you.”

“Thank you so much, Keats!” Reagan nodded profusely.


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